Azerbaijan participated in the Spasskaya Tower Festival for the first time

Azerbaijan participated in the Spasskaya Tower Festival for the first time

Yesterday, the Spasskaya Tower Festival kicked off in Moscow. It's a colorful competition between military bands of different countries for love and applause of the audience, held near the Kremlin. Army uniforms, live music, foreign culture - everyone can see all of that at the Spasskaya Tower Festival. The biggest highlight of the festival is its cavalry show. Every day over 40 horses and 50 riders will participate in the equestrian program, masterfully performing the most difficult maneuvers of jigitovka.

History of the festival began in 2007, and every year its popularity only increased, just like the number of participants. Today it's in the top three of Military Tattoo. The theme of the 12th International Military Music Festival is "Solo with Orchestra". Vestnik Kavkaza attended the pre-premiere show and talked with organizers and participants of the event.

"We're feeling great. We were welcomed perfectly, the atmosphere is extremely friendly, representatives of all countries are smiling. High-level professionals praised performance of our team, gave great marks," Ekhtibar Aliyev, head of the orchestra of the Azerbaijan Higher Military School named after Heydar Aliyev, said.

This is Azerbaijan's debut at the festival. Together with orchestra of the Higher Military School named after Heydar Aliyev, dance group of the Armed Forces of Azerbaijan with specially prepared program also performs at the festival.

"I can only say good things about this group. Yesterday I saw them performing for the first time, it's a wonderful orchestra. We plan to continue cooperation with the republic. Military music festival exists just for that, for people to communicate with each other," Timofei Mayakin, head of the Military Orchestra Service of the Armed Forces of Russia, said.

This festival is a holiday not only for the audience, but also for the participants themselves. It's a great opportunity to chat with colleagues and learn something new. All musicians praised high level of organization.

"Groups from all over the world gathered here. We met Chinese team, Egyptian team, saw performance of Azerbaijan. They have wonderful, well-trained musicians. Each country brought something special here," Mauro Buttillero, vice president of the National Alpine Shooters Association of Italy, said.

Each team tries to please the audience not only with their skill, but also with musical surprises.

According to David Johnston, creator and leader of the International Celtic Bagpipes and Drum Orchestra, “every year is very interesting, but this year, I think it's the best show: there are a lot of interesting decisions in the performances, many professional musicians perform at the highest level.”

The Turkish Armory Orchestra performed Handel’s opera composition. Soloist of the Japanese team sang in Russian. Azerbaijan presented musical composition for the song of legendary Muslim Magomayev.

The festival is also attended by groups from Kazakhstan, Belarus, Norway, China, North and South Korea, the International Celtic Orchestra and many others. Combination of military, classical, folk and pop music, ceremonial fashion shows and dance shows, pyrotechnic effects create atmosphere of an unforgettable holiday.

Spasskaya Tower Festival will be held until September 1.


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