Azerbaijani army officer opposes Vadim Harutyunov

Azerbaijani army officer opposes Vadim Harutyunov

The Zangilan region, located in the south-west of Azerbaijan, on the border with Armenia and Iran, is of great strategic importance - the lines of the Baku-Julfa-Nakhchivan main railways and highways passed through Zangilan. During the First Karabakh War, the inhabitants of Zangilan resisted the invaders for 67 days, but on October 29, 1993, the Armenian military units completed the occupation of the last region around Nagorno-Karabakh. Only 27 years later, the Azerbaijani army liberated Zangilan.

It was from here that the officer of the Armed Forces of Azerbaijan conveyed his "greetings" to the blogger Vadim Arutyunov, known in the Armenian segment of the Russian Internet as a brawler and forger, who created the "Antitopor" group on the Vkontakte social network, which was unleashed on scandals, after which, using pseudo-patriotic rhetoric, began to support then the Armenian authorities, then the radical opposition.

"Vadim, for several years you were talking nonsense, telling tales, throwing mud at our people and our country, calling yourself a soldier of the information war, and representing us as rams and robbers," the Azerbaijani serviceman said.

He invited Arutyunov to reflect on the history of Armenians, recalling that the land of Karabakh, on which peace has finally come, historically belongs to Azerbaijan.

"You said that the Armenians are the most civilized nation in the world. Every civilized person should call people to peace, but you sowed enmity. After going through your battle, I saw what you did to our land - there are ruins all around. Destruction and looting cannot to inflict representatives of the most civilized nation on earth. You tried to sow enmity between the peoples who live in Azerbaijan, but, thank God, you did not succeed. Among our children who fought here, became martyrs on this land, there were representatives of different peoples of Azerbaijan , and at the right time they stood up to defend their homeland, "the Azerbaijani officer said.

He stressed that he does not feel hostility towards the Armenian people, but he called the occupiers who defiled their land "impiety", saying: "Now Armenia is behind me, and it is up to you how we will live - in peace or to be at enmity again"


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