Bloomberg View: "Iranian oil could become a threat to the United States and Russia"

Bloomberg View: "Iranian oil could become a threat to the United States and Russia"

The US publication Truthout wrote that Russia and China are going to compete  with the United States. Western analysts are concerned that the United States and the European Community have been sidelined because of the strengthening of Russia's position on the world stage. The BRICS and the SCO summits were held in parallel with the agreement on the Iranian nuclear program as an alternative to such summits of the European countries and the United States. Thus, the Kremlin has challenged the imperialist foreign policy of America, which continues to speculate on the nuclear agreement, but in fact it has not been adopted yet.

The West is concerned about the growing influence of the Russian-Chinese alliance, but neither the US nor the European politicians have a clear plan of how to react in such a situation. The European Union is facing a crisis of internal diplomacy, unable to take a leading position in the region, while Russia and China are combining their efforts to completely transform the appearance of Eurasia. The United States, in turn, is trying to keep its positions, but the country, which is torn apart by internal conflicts, is unable to influence other countries on the desirable scale. The Western media have studiously avoided the topic of the growing influence of Russia, focusing on provocative publications discriminating against the image of the state, but the EU and the United States will inevitably face a situation in which it has to make a choice: either to cooperate with Russia and China, or continue to lose its position in the world political arena.

Bloomberg View business magazine wrote that Iranian oil could become a threat to the United States and Russia. Having signed an agreement with Iran, Washington and Moscow are at risk in a situation where Iranian energy resources will be more in demand in the world than Russian and American oil. However, Russia has defense mechanisms, plus we should take into account the fact that Iran is a partner of the Kremlin, so it is the most likely that countries will be able to reach agreement on this issue.

There is quite a different situation with the US. If Iran starts selling its oil, then it is likely that many private American companies will go bankrupt, which in turn will have a significant impact on the economy. Of course, the US government will do its utmost to prevent such a scenario. So Washington still has a chance to prevent the execution of the agreement on the Iranian nuclear program. No one can say with certainty what changes are expected in the world energy market, however, it is clear in any case that Russia will be able to maintain its position, which cannot be said about the United States.