Brexit is not so dangerous, as it seems

Brexit is not so dangerous, as it seems

British Euro-integration supporters collected more than 1.2 million signatures during an online petition, urging parliamentarians to consider a holding of a new referendum on the United Kingdom's membership in the European Union. "We, the undersigned, urge the government to apply the rule if the number of people who participated in the voting process was less than 60% and the turnout was lower than 75% in this case another referendum should be held,’’ Tass cites the text of the petition. Among those who signed the petition were MPs, but the most part was London residents – those who supported the United Kingdom's membership in the European Union.

On Thursday the number of opponents of the European integration were 51.9% (against 48.1%) of the British people supported the withdrawal from the EU. It was a recommendatory referendum, but Prime Minister David Cameron promised to fulfill the will of the British people.

Director at the Research Foundation Maksim Grigoriev, considers that there are no huge democracy problems for the UK economy due to its withdrawal from the EU. According to his predictions, large corporations and the EU member states are to rebuild relations with the UK in the near future. After the country’s withdrawal from the EU it won’t cease to be a market for British goods, and the UK will remain the market for EU goods. Large companies, especially automobile ones, have already stated they are not going to move production from the UK. In the medium term perspective, the situation will be beneficial for the UK will due to the possibility of more favorable trade relations, for example, with the United States, China, with other countries, he noted.

 At the same time, in his opinion, Brexit will seriously affect ideological terms of the EU. The EU is rightly considered in London as "undemocratic, corrupt and inefficient structure that spends a lot of money ineffectively and on principle doesn't modernize its structure." ‘‘Britain's withdrawal from the EU will increase its activity and the chances of those alternative political parties, which do not bear the burden of responsibility for joining the EU. For example, in France the Marine Le Pen party will actively use and develop it,’’ Maksim Grigoriev considers.

He recalled that the population of a number of EU countries have repeatedly voted against one or another parts of the European legislation, but these countries either forced to hold a new referendum, or simply did not pay attention to the people’s opinion.

Now skeptics are becoming more active and in other EU countries, but the disintegration of the union won’t happen. The UK’s economy and its status can afford the Kingdom a lot of things. But the same can't be said for the Baltic republics. Therefore, we should not expect the "domino effect".


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