Bundestag MP: "Urgent improvement in relations with Russia is needed"

Bundestag MP: "Urgent improvement in relations with Russia is needed"

"The German government must cease its participation in NATO's confrontational policy against Russia," a press release of the German Left Party (Die Linke) parliamentarian Katrin Kunert, received by Vestnik Kavkaza, says. "Within the framework of its presidency of the OSCE, Germany has submitted quite decent proposals to strengthen control over conventional weapons, limit the further spread of light weapons, as well as giving the OSCE a status of a subject of international law. Thus, the German government wants to consolidate peace throughout Europe and reduce tension in relations with Russia," Kunert said.

"However, Germany's government blames only Russia for the current failure of the control over conventional weapons, ignoring its own shortcomings and NATO's line of armament. For this reason, the dual strategy of threats and a willingness to engage in dialogue towards Russia is just a "pacifier" in the context of peaceful policy. Now NATO military spending is 13 times higher than Russia's military expenditure. In addition, the north Atlantic alliance, in spite of earlier agreements, is currently significantly expanding its presence in its member countries in Eastern Europe," the deputy's statement notes.

The 'Die Linke' faction demands a quick initiative from the German government to implement a Willy Brandt-style policy of reducing tensions. We need concrete steps to restore mutual trust. Not only Russia, but also the NATO countries should start disarming together. If the federal government really wants to strengthen peace throughout Europe, then Germany has no right to continue participating in the rotation of NATO troops and the deployment of the alliance's battalions as part of a rapid-reaction 'spearhead' force in Poland and the Baltic states. Peace in Europe cannot be achieved only in words, it demands appropriate actions," the deputy of the Bundestag summed up.