Crimea bans ‘Mejlis’ activity

Crimea bans ‘Mejlis’ activity

Europe is sure that basic human rights and freedoms are being systematically violated in Crimea, especially among Crimean Tatars. Recently, the Prosecutor of Crimea, Natalia Poklonskaya, sent a request to the local Supreme Court to recognize the ‘Mejlis’ as an extremist organization and forbid it. However, its leaders promised to continue their activity even if the organization was banned, stating that they didn’t participate in the organization of Crimea’s blockade.

Commenting on the current situation, Albir Krganov, EDC Chairman of the Spiritual Administration of Muslims in Moscow and the Central Region, stated that without taking into account the voices of the different nationalities, Crimean civil society would be weak and unrepresentative

“However, it is always necessary to remember there is a risk of provocations and skilled political manipulators, changing black to white and back again. If we talk about the organization ‘Majlis of the Crimean Tatar People’, it is just such a case. Separatist activities, perhaps attempts at armed terrorist attacks and sabotage – all of this is probably more related to the Criminal Code and national security issues than to civil debate or public dialogue,” Krganov thinks.

According to him, "the 'Mejlis’ has no legal status. And the fact that today it leads the information war sponsored by the West, wants to split the society within it, thank God, is now perceived differently by the Crimean Tatars. The vast majority of them have understood that this is just a great game. People earn their dividends… After the reunification with the Russian Federation, the Muftiyat stood in defense of these people, but with the proviso that after the new Russian legislation would come into force, where all of this is forbidden, so you should not be engaged in the activities that you are in. But, unfortunately, they did not listen to the opinion of the Mufti. And now, of course, it is clear that people are simply overstepping the law. And official structures, such as, for example, the Muftiyat today, the opinion leaders of the Tatar people in Crimea, or any other organization, ‘Crimea’ or other structures, they realize that it is wrong to defend these guys, because they are really criminals today.”

“And in this regard, the Public Chamber and we, several colleagues, signed a letter to the public prosecutor Chaika to give a legal assessment on the subject of extremism in the activity of the Majlis. And today we support the decision of the prosecutor Poklonskaya. And as my colleagues in Crimea say, the muftis and imams as, this should be done the day before,” Krganov said.

He says that the guarantee of Crimean prosperity is in the sincere, good-neighborly and harmonious living of the various peoples on the peninsula: “The Crimean Tatars are one of the most ancient peoples inhabiting the land  for centuries. Of course, their voice is one of the key and most important during decision-making. Being an observer at the referendum I saw the environment, and those changes that happened during these two years, of course, are very positive.”