Cultural center ‘Dagestan’ celebrates anniversary

Cultural center ‘Dagestan’ celebrates anniversary

Moscow held a ceremonial evening dedicated to the 25th anniversary of the Moscow cultural center ‘Dagestan’ ,a key event of which was a festive gala concert. An entire galaxy of famous pop artists of Dagestan arrived to congratulate their fellow countrymen and friends of the cultural center. The official part of the event started with a demonstration of a movie about the creation of the organization. In the late 80's the Cultural Center became the first national non-governmental organization, which took over the function of association and support of the growing community of Dagestan in Moscow.

Such prominent representatives of the national intelligentsia as a responsible employee of the Central Committee of the Communist Party, now the head of Dagestan Ramazan Abdullatipov, the nuclear physicist Professor Amir Amaev, composer People's Artist of Russia Shirvani Chalaev, director of the Museum of Medicine Professor Boris Nuvahov and many others were at the roots of the creation of the center.

‘The Cultural Center was created as a public organization. We have been working in Moscow for 25 years, we are a member of the Council of Nationalities of the Moscow Government, working with the Moscow House of Nationalities. Many associations of journalists, artists and many others were created in the cultural center. We have established a school of Dagestan. Now it is called the cultural-educational center ‘Namus’. We have established in Dagestan and Moscow the public movement ‘Dagestan Without Orphans’, which is very active in Dagestan,’ the president of the Moscow center of culture Arsene Huseynov said

Permanent Representative of Dagestan at the President of the Russian Federation Emerald Mugutdinova, read out a congratulatory telegram from the leadership of the republic: "Over the past few years much has been done, we have implemented interesting projects. We have held hundreds of large-scale events. But most importantly, the Center has become a hotbed of Dagestani culture, giving light and warmth to all of multi-national Moscow’’ .

The event was attended by the public and political figures, representatives of culture, teaching staff, and the heads of other national cultural associations.