Dagestan welcomes Ukrainian and Ingush children to the Caspian

photo by the author
photo by the author

In the context of the political confrontation between Moscow and Kiev, Dagestan is welcoming Ukrainian children to the Caspian coast. The children's recreation camp 'Caspian' is situated on the seaside, 20 km from Makhachkala. 250 children are spending their vacations there: 95 are from Ingushetia, 45 are from Ukraine, and 110 are from Dagestan. Along with traditional Dagestani cuisine (hinkala, chudu, and other dishes), the camp’s menu includes traditional Ingush and Ukrainian cuisines.

“Probably the camp is not modern, but it is cozy and has international traditions. Children find good friends there. Such communication is very important, as it lays a foundation for good relations between representatives of various nations, respect for foreign cultures and traditions. When children learn about the traditions of other peoples it is another contribution to their development. We will do our best to make your vacation great,” they say in Dagestan.

According to the camp’s staff, their guests need special treatment: children from the Lugansk Region, who are tired of military activities; children from Ingush families of forced migrants from North Ossetia and Chechnya; and children from poor families and orphans.

“It is easy to work with Ingush children. They are close to us in the cultural aspect. They are polite and respect adults,” the head of the camp, Saida Ibrahimova, told Vestnik Kavkaza. “At first, the children from the Lugansk Region treated their peers from the North Caucasus carefully; but later they became friends.”

One of the platforms where children learn about the national cultures of each other is the Center 'We Are Family'. It was organized by an art expert, scientist, and author of the book “Dagestani Costumes”, Rozitta Hadjihanova. Children are sewing ethnic costumes for dolls and holding fashion shows – not only girls, but also boys. 


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