"Dedovshchina" in Israel

"Dedovshchina" in Israel

The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) was created in 1948 due to the fact that Israel was inferior to its neighbors based on population and was forced to wage war against numerically superior enemy, while opponents of Israel were waging war of annihilation. Presence of reservists and their constant stay in a state of alert allows Israel to deploy an army in two days if needed.

All citizens of Israel, including those with dual citizenship and those residing in another country, upon reaching the age of 18, are subjected to obligatory military service, including women. That's why the Israeli army is called the most beautiful in the world.

During peaceful times, soldiers are allowed to go home every week. They can participate in special courses for programmers or hairdressers, or they can learn how to organize competitions and other events.

Several years ago, the Israeli army decided to allow autists with intact mental abilities to join it. Many young people with this disability have significantly higher intelligence, but inability to communicate with others prevents them from expressing themselves. Unique memory and intelligence - manifestations of a form of autism. And the IDF is also interested in this extraordinary ability.

Another important feature of the Israeli army is that drill are minimal. Higher-ups believe that the army is needed for war, not for parades. That's why instead of marching, Israeli soldiers train accuracy, strength and endurance, going through complex charges.

Alexander Ronkin, director general of the Israeli independent internet TV channel in Russian Iton-TV spoke about one of these charges: “My friends' youngest son received badge of the Egoz elite special forces' soldier after participating in special training course. By the end of this course, soldiers participated in a week-long charge through the mountains that lasted more than 230 kilometers. They carried machine guns and special equipment, while carrying out training battles along the way. At the very end, they stormed Mount Hermon in the fog.

But it's Israel, friend! At the last kilometer of this route, commanders prepared a special surprise for special forces - their parents were waiting for them, and they were allowed to help their children. Parents took soldier's belongings (except for weapons, of course) and ran the last kilometer with their children. Right at the finish, more experienced soldiers of the “Egoz” were waiting for newly commissioned commandos. They picked up young soldiers and carried them right to the end. That's how dedovshina in our army works!"

Basically, higher-ups always take parents' side, providing soldiers with all necessary services and making it so that they would be able to see their children more often.

In other words, after serving in the army, soldiers return home healthy, with good education and strong psyche.


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