Denis Manturov: "Issue of sanctions is not purely political"

Denis Manturov: "Issue of sanctions is not purely political"

The 9th Gaidar Forum in Moscow, which brought together representatives of the Russian elite, continues its work. Central Bank Governor Elvira Nabiullina said at the forum that Russia’s economy had completed post-crisis recovery in late 2017, but now the question of further growth arises; Finance Minister Anton Siluanov promised that the ministry wouldn't allow the exchange rate to strengthen sharply as significant foreign currency purchases are planned, and Minister of Economic Development Maxim Oreshkin expressed confidence that in 2018 the Russian economy will grow faster than in the previous year.

Meanwhile, Russia's Industry and Trade Minister Denis Manturov said that there is no economy without politics: "If one says that the imposition of sanctions is a purely political process, I disagree. Governments and states are run by people who are responsible for the budgets of their countries, for integration, for the development of their economies, so in the first place they will think about how to ensure growth and development of their economies. As for the political aspect, this is a related factor that promotes one or another economic theory. I believe that the economy is at the top here. "

Manturov expressed opinion that when imposing sanctions, no one in the West assumed that Russia would implement large-scale plans for import substitution so quickly and intensively: "For example, they closed off deliveries to develop the Arctic shelf, as well as technological, oil and gas equipment, but we developed our own. No one thought we could do it so fast, because we integrated the fundamental applied science into enterprises and companies that work in the oil and gas sector. Previously, no one noticed our enterprises producing oil and gas machines. When they closed the delivery of technological equipment, we formed a pool of organizations and scientists, today we supply already  46% of our production to oil and gas companies. I am convinced that all decisions are based on economic calculations, which, of course, create a political background."

On the sidelines of the forum Manturov spoke about the plans for the implementation of the Kortezh project, which was originally developed as a model of state car for the president and top officials of the state: "The project has good commercial prospects. Early next year we will complete the line of a single modular platform - limousine, sedan, minivan and SUV with addition of economy class SUV to this model line. Until the end of February - the beginning of March, 16 cars - limousines, sedans and minivans of various set will be sold to the Federal Guard Service. We started the first commercial shipment late last year ... The Kortezh project's models will be available for sale next year. In comparison with the Soviet past, there will be no limits on the sale".


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