Emin Agalarov's concert held in Tel Aviv

Emin Agalarov's concert held in Tel Aviv

Emin Agalarov's concert was held in Tel Aviv. It was artist’s first concert in the Holy Land, and that's why, according to Emin himself, he was very worried and even compared his performance to the first date, which usually is crucial for how relationship will develop further. From the first minutes of the concert, Emin, with his tireless energy and endless charm “controlled” the audience. Almost all viewers felt spiritual connection with singer, reacted to every song, to every gesture.

Emin responded to every request to take a photo, shake hands or give an autograph.

It was complete idyll, which is possible with absolute understanding, resulting in mutual love. And, as a result, one and only one man tonight - singer and composer Emin Agalarov - bathed in the love of Israelis who came from all over the country to express their enthusiasm for the extraordinary musical and artistic talent of a young singer, Baku, father of four children and just a charming person - Emin Agalarov.

The Israel-Azerbaijan International Association AzIs has done everything possible to support Emin Agalarov in Israel and will continue to make every effort to popularize its countrymen in the Holy Land.


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