Euronews about the secrets of Dolma

Euronews about the secrets of Dolma

The word 'Dolma' means ‘stuffed’ in the Azeri language. It is a roll of meat, rice, spices and vine leaves, one of the country’s specialties. There are many varieties of Dolma as the stuffing can vary according the seasons. In summer you can use vegetables like peppers, tomatoes, aubergines and cucumbers. Euronews began to get acquainted with the national cuisine of Azerbaijan with this dish. Euronews correspondent Claudio Rosmino met an expert in Azeri cuisine, chef Elmin Sharifov from Ay Qonshu restaurant in Baku.

One of the most important things - grape leaves, which 'will hide' stuffing. Cook pays special attention to them. The grape leaves are also the healthiest ingredient, full of vitamin C.

In general the preparation for making Dolma is quite easy, but you need skill to roll.

Mint is a must, with coriander. If you forget one of these, it won’t taste the same.

According to the cook, the dish is best served with fresh yogurt.

Dolma on the table is always a holiday.


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