European security services to deal with terrorist army

European security services to deal with terrorist army

Russia’s role in Syria became more constructive than it had been before, Pentagon spokesman Peter Cook stated yesterday. However, he added that the US still didn’t plan to cooperate with Moscow in the military sphere as part of the struggle against Daesh. However, White House press secretary, Josh Earnest, says that the US will continue accumulating efforts which are directed to the weakening and destruction of Daesh and will prevent terrorists’ attempts to organize attacks outside their controlled territories, like the terrorist attacks in Brussels.

At the same time, Alexey Mukhin, Director General of the Center for Political Information, thinks that “a terrorist army is forming before our eyes, with which the European intelligence services will have to deal in the near future. I think that the European arrogance, combined with frivolous behavior, has led to today's results, and in the future will lead to even more tragic results. The attempts to apply and hope for the NATO structures, for the US military, which stand across Europe and implement the outlines of European security, show that it does not work. The vaunted US intelligence services, despite their merits and technical equipment, are not capable of ensuring European security or they do not want to do it.”

According to Mukhin, the European intelligence agencies used to keep under their control ethnic diasporas, religious organizations, and residential areas, but the refugees have confused all the cards: “They don't have their agents in this new environment, because they don't have time to create this agents’ network, as terrorists have already begun to act. The refusal to cooperate with Russia in this aspect is a fatal mistake. The political position impedes the professionals from thinking logically, or does not give them an opportunity to act, by restricting them.”

The expert believes that Europe needs to restore the basic outlines of the cooperation with Russia, combining it with co-operation with the US intelligence services: “But to do so via Brussels would be impossible for political reasons. So we can offer separate-country cooperation to Europe. France has already announced such a desire. Germany and Italy must take certain steps. But there are political obstacles to this — it is impossible to cooperate with us. Unfortunately, the interests of outside groups of influence – the war for the European market – coincide with the actions of terrorists and their interests. The weaker Europe is, the weaker its resistance, the stronger the external dependence is. In this regard, in the very near future we will see the strengthening of the US military presence, without solving the security problems. This intensified military presence will not create an outline of the national security for the European countries. Then it will be trade and economic subordination, because the United States invites the EU to enter into this miserable transatlantic investment and trade partnership more and more intensely, with which the European economy will become even more dependent on the US.”

Mukhin is sure that we are talking about social instability, which is the cause of dissatisfaction among the traditional European societies: “The tolerance programs that the US implemented on the territory of Europe have destroyed the social circuit, forced to accept refugees with open arms. And now we are talking about how to pay off the refugees, let's pay them more benefits, then they would not blow themselves up. These are talks in favor of the poor. So Europe has no way out – they need to be more independent and resolute in decision making, and of course they must restore relations with Russia.”


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