Forbes: "Germany and France have changed their attitude to the Kremlin for the better"

Forbes: "Germany and France have changed their attitude to the Kremlin for the better"

The financial and economic edition Forbes wrote that Russia is overcoming the sanctions crisis. Due to the frank speeches of Vladimir Putin and his speech at the UN General Assembly on combating terrorism in Syria, Germany and France have suddenly changed their attitude to the Kremlin for the better. This means that it is time for investors to return to the Russian market.

From a political point of view, Europe is ‘tired’ of the confrontation between Russia and Ukraine. To date, all the facts indicate that the Minsk Agreement is bee adhered to by the Russian side, though this is not done by the Kiev side. This means that apparently the sanctions against Russia will be lifted in the first quarter of 2016. Despite the fact that the sanctions still persist, the financial market is somehow still focused on the future, and what is happening gives grounds to believe that in 2016 the Russian economy will undergo a positive outcome of variables.

At the end of the last meeting of the leaders of Russia, France, Germany and Ukraine, it was obvious that Hollande and Merkel want to cooperate with Russia in the first place and hope that  the DPR and the LPR will hold elections soon, which finally confirm the fulfillment of the Minsk Agreement. It is not clear whether Ukrainian president Petro Poroshenko will agree to elections in the eastern regions of the country, but the choice he has is small in any case. The state's economy is in ruins, and an end to the war in the east is much better than the continuation of bloodshed. In addition, it will be a stimulus to European financial support for Ukraine. Accordingly, the political situation is developing in such a way that Russia has every chance of restoring relations with the European Union, despite the attempts made by the US, which is forcing the situation by means of various provocations.

The lifting of sanctions and the restoration of partnership are equally important for both Russia and Europe. However, if Russia manages somehow to restore the damage done by the restrictions due to import substitution and new economic partners, it is very important for the European companies and investors to regain access to the Russian market so their economic crisis, which is in a significant part of the EU, is not worsened further.

The British publication Middle East Online wrote about the significance of the deal on the Iranian nuclear program for Syria. Thanks to the agreement on the nuclear program, Iran consolidated its central role in resolving the Syrian crisis. Despite the rather complicated situation in the region, Iran has had every opportunity to become an important diplomatic channel through which the process with the situation in Syria will be addressed.

Along with Russia, Iran supports the Assad regime and provides military and financial support to the country's leadership. However, Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif said that there can be no military solution to the Syrian problem. He has developed a plan for a peaceful settlement of the conflict, which consists of 4 points that call on the government for national unity, a cease-fire, to anti-terrorism and constitutional reform.

However, a full end of the war in Syria requires not only the efforts of Russia and Iran, but also the intentions of the West, at least not to interfere, not to make attempts to overthrow the current Syrian leadership. The Middle East is a region that should not be influenced by ISIS, which destroys the whole infrastructure of cities and the state, not by the US, which is trying to replace in any country its ancestral values with pro-Western values, thus depriving the state of its authenticity.


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