Gashalti - key to healing

Gashalti - key to healing

Naftalan is Azerbaijani medical resort of world significance, the only field of healing naphthalan oil. It has been used since ancient times for treatment of the musculoskeletal system, skin, urological, gynecological and many other diseases. A well of black gold is the key to healing, locals believe. Naftalan resort is located near the ancient city of Ganja, in a pine park on the lake. A lot of hotels have been built here, for those who come here to be treated or those who want to combine business with pleasure.

Gashalti Health Hotel 5* was opened in 2011 and immediately established itself as great medical base with high-level service. It offers a wide range of diagnostic, therapeutic and rehabilitation procedures using the local naphthalan mud and European equipment.

The price of reservation includes initial examination, laboratory tests, naphthalan baths, amplipulse, darsonvalization, vacuum electrotherapy, electrophoresis, short-wave therapy, infrared radiation, laser therapy, magnetotherapy, microwave diathermy, ultrasound therapy, solux.

It also carries out quite complicated and rare procedures for Naftalan - underwater extension of the spine, pressure therapy.

Gashalti is the only health institution in Naftalan where they inject carbon dioxide and carry out UVB therapy.

Sanatorium has the Europe SPA international certificate, in other words, it meets European standards, functioning as spa and medical center.

Between procedures, you can eat Azerbaijani cuisine in the restaurant, combining the best of European and Oriental cuisines, enjoy spacious rooms with modern furnishings, go to fitness, pool or sauna, leaving children under supervision of professional nannies.

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