Golda Meir anticipated 2020

Golda Meir anticipated 2020

"A leader who does not hesitate to send young men into battle is a disaster for the nation," said Golda Meir, who at various times served as Prime Minister, Interior Minister, Foreign Minister, Minister of Labor and Social Security of Israel. ... Her speeches have long been used as quotes, and today much of what was said by the great native of Kiev, who became one of the greatest women in the history of Israel, is a part of history.

And if the first statement makes one think about the Prime Minister of Armenia Nikol Pashinyan, who through his actions and statements led the country to devastating consequences, the following is relevant for all states of the post-Soviet space:

"If you want to build a country to where its sons and daughters will return, if you want to build a country where they will only leave during the holiday season, if you want to build a country that will not have a sense of fear for the future, then just follow two steps:

1) Equate corruption with treason, and corrupt officials - with traitors up to the seventh generation ...

2) Make the three professions the highest paid and respected. Soldiers, teachers and doctors ...

And most importantly, work, work and work, because no one but you can protect yourself, no one will feed you but yourself, and your country is needed only by you and no one else. When it becomes not just words and a simple slogan, but becomes the way of your life, then you have achieved your goal."