Holocaust became a part of Russian national memory

Holocaust became a part of Russian national memory

One of the most tragic events in the history of the Second World War was commemorated throughout the world yesterday. Events dedicated to the International Holocaust Remembrance Day were held in many countries of the world. Such events also took place in 650 localities in Russia.

According to president of the Russian Jewish Congress, Yuri Kanner, Moscow the annual memorial evening dedicated to victims of the Holocaust was a large-scale event; In January, a memorial sign was erected at the place of execution of Jews in Pavlovsk: "This was the initiative of people who live near this place. In the city of Klintsy, Bryansk region, local teachers along with their students decided to erect a monument in the place of execution of Jews... This work just began, since we still have to look for remains, look for names. This year we are ready to start working on 26 burials ground in Russia, and we already have financial resources for this."

According to Yuri Kanner, memory of the Holocaust has already become a part of the Russian national memory: "Andron Konchalovsky made the film called 'Paradise'.He is not a Jew, but clearly mentions the topic of Holocaust there. The Mariinsky Theater staged Grigory Fried's opera 'Diary of Anne Frank'. Foyer of the concert hall hosts historical and documentary exhibition 'Forgotten Victims', dedicated to the events that took place in the Zmievsky Balka, when thousands of people, mostly Jews, were executed by fascists. In other words, this topic has become a part of the Russian national memory. It's very important."


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