How should we protect young people of Russia from extremist propaganda?

How should we protect young people of Russia from extremist propaganda?

Archpriest, chairman of the Synodal Department for Church and Society of the interaction of the Moscow Patriarchate, Vsevolod Chaplin, has commented on the problem of the interest of some individual representatives of Russian youth in extremist ideology other the terrorist organization Islamic State.

According to Vsevolod Chaplin, we must give people answers to their important questions: “The central and main issues of the modern world. Why is the world full of unfairness, including in the economic and social sphere? How can we change it? How to rebuild the world in order to correct those global scale distortions of today’s social system?”

Archpriest is sure that “we will not manage to change this situation by casting a spell over toothache – arguments about tolerance, that we should be satisfied with some things, as well as other philistine pleasures in our lives. All these measures do not work. Pseudo-religiosity and arguments that people, especially the young, live comfortably, peacefully without entering into conflict with someone. This doesn’t work.”

Chaplin thinks that people are joining structures “which do not provide real answers to those questions I described above. They just involve young people in another game, which is to leave them with nothing. Not in heaven, but in hell. All those who died for Daish, the so-called Islamic State, will definitely go to hell. Every Orthodox Christian can tell you about it. I think that a significant number of Muslim theologians will confirm this fact.”

“Instead of distracting passionate young people who seek truth and justice in this infernal system, tightening them in this infernal funnel. We need to give them an opportunity to change the world by means of religious social activities, seek justice, as well as achieving their aims. On the one hand, stretched for eternity, and on the other hand, to be able to reorganize the world so that there was no injustice, and all the lies of the 21st century were replaced by the real triumph of the supreme God of truth, including public relations, including economics, politics, and other spheres of public life,” Vsevolod Chaplin concludes.



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