Israel celebrates National Independence Day of Azerbaijan

Israel celebrates National Independence Day of Azerbaijan

On the Day of State Independence of Azerbaijan, the association ‘Aziz' has conducted several activities on a variety of topics, which geographically cover most of the country.

A concert of a string quartet under the leadership of a famous violinist in Azerbaijan and former teacher at the Baku Conservatory, Leonid Barshtaka, took place in the Azerbaijan Cultural Center ‘Aziz’ in Afula on October 13th. Opening the gala evening, the director of the Azerbaijan Cultural Center, Yegana Salman, said that on October 18th 1991 the Supreme Council of the Azerbaijan Republic adopted a decree 'On the restoration of the state independence of the Azerbaijan Republic', based on the Declaration of Independence on May 28th 1918. Then we could listen to works by the founder of Azerbaijani classical music, Uzeyir Hajibeyov. The 130th anniversary of his birth is being celebrated today in Azerbaijan and far beyond its borders. We could hear excerpts from the famous operettas ‘Arshin mal alan’, ‘Aria Asker’ and ‘Dance of Asia’, as well as folk tunes remastered by the great composer. The quartet performed the ‘Song of Baku’ by composer Tofig Guliyev from the film ‘Bakhtiyar’. Residents of Baku love the song very much. The song ‘Don’t be Proud’ by Tofig Guliyev was a real surprise for everybody, whatever their residence. The majority of listeners remember the performance by Rashid Behbudov.

The presentation of a new audiobook ‘Origins’ by a member of the Union of Writers of Azerbaijan, Miriam Haley, took place on October 18th in Haifa at the House of Books. The evening was organized by the head of the Sholumi Center. Shaul Siman-Tov said that when he was choosing short stories about lives of Jews in Azerbaijan, trying to emphasize several centuries-long tolerance of peoples of Azerbaijan and thank Herman Zaharyaev, the head of the STMEGI fund for his help and support. David Cohn, one of the most popular expatriates from Azerbaijan in Israel, a writer and journalist, сonducted the evening. 

All the events dedicated to the Day of Independence of Azerbaijan were attended by deputies of the city council, heads of departments of absorption, and public organizations, who wished the people of Azerbaijan and personally President Ilham Aliyev peace, prosperity and speedy restoration of the country's territorial integrity.

The International Day of TRIZ was celebrated in the Jerusalem Russian City Library on October 15th. The theory of Creative Solution of Problems was created by the engineer and inventor Genrich Altshuller, who is also known as the science fiction writer Henry Altov. TRIZ was established in Baku. Today it has followers all over the industrialized world from the US to Japan. TRIZ is taught in Israel at Tel Aviv University. The organizer and presenter of the evening, the head of ‘Aziz’ in Jerusalem, Alexander Agranovskiy, told about the history of Azerbaijan and congratulated guests on the occasion. The Director General of ‘Aziz’, Lev Spivak, pointed out that Israel was the first country to recognize the independence of Azerbaijan.


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