Karabakh conflict can't be resolved without Russia's help, Bundestag deputy says

Karabakh conflict can't be resolved without Russia's help, Bundestag deputy says

As Vestnik Kavkaza previously reported, German Parliamentary Society hosted 5th Symposium on Stability and Security in the South Caucasus on February 13. Four MPs of the German Bundestag, representing the ruling parties CDU and SPD, have participated in panel discussion, organized as part of the symposium.

MP from the Social Democratic Party, Johannes Kars, acknowledged in his speech that Germany, which faces several challenges (election of Donald Trump as US President, migration crisis, the conflict in Ukraine) cannot respond to all problems at once. In such conditions, resolution of the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict can't be one of the main directions of German diplomacy. Johannes Kars believes that Russia will play the biggest role in resolving the conflict, since it's on good terms with both Armenia and Azerbaijan. "This conflict can't be resolved without Russia's help," he said.

His colleague from the CDU, Mark Hauptmann, agreed with his statement on Russia's importance in the region. At the same time, he recalled that Armenia also has its own interests in Europe. That is why the policy of "carrot and stick" can help to promote settlement of this conflict. He stressed that it's necessary to make Armenia's responsibility for this conflict clear. Noting that the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict has lasted for 25 years already, he said that Azerbaijan can't be pleased with such situation. Hauptmann informed that the issue of Nagorno-Karabakh and violation of the rights of displaced population in March of this year will be on the agenda of foreign policy committee of the Bundestag. 

He also noted that Azerbaijan is an open country with a moderate, tolerant Islam, and that Christians and Jews live there freely. In this context, he criticized Bundestag resolution on the situation with human rights in Azerbaijan, adopted shortly before the first European Games. Mark Hauptmann pointed out that Germany has a lot to learn from Azerbaijan. As an example, he brought up modern state service centers ASAN, which make the work with state structures much easier for citizens. In this respect, Germany is far behind Azerbaijan.

Member of the German Bundestag Karl-Georg Wellmann (CDU), who also participated in the event, said that Germany should move away from "transformative" policy and critic on human rights issues in relations with Russia, Belarus, Azerbaijan and other countries. Politician also said that Germany doesn't adhere to the same standards in its "value policy", since it doesn't bring up such issues in the dialogue with China or Saudi Arabia. Wellmann urged Germany to follow more "pragmatic policy".


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