Kommersant: "We see the leader of the Azerbaijani people, which, perhaps, has never been seen in the history of this nation"

Kommersant: "We see the leader of the Azerbaijani people, which, perhaps, has never been seen in the history of this nation"

At the end of this week, the regular summit of the Commonwealth of Independent States was held via videoconference, in which all the heads of the CIS states took part, except for the Prime Minister of Armenia Nikol Pashinyan, whose father died the day before. The speech of Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev at the meeting of heads of state was analyzed by special correspondent of “Kommersant” Andrey Kolesnikov. It is interesting that most of his material was taken up by extensive quotes from the speech of Aliyev, who spoke for about an hour about the victory of the Azerbaijani people in the second Karabakh war.

"The results of the war are known," President Aliyev said. "Azerbaijan won a victory over the occupying country. As a result of the war, according to our data, more than 80% of the potential of the armed forces of Armenia was destroyed. For Azerbaijan, this war is a Patriotic, liberation war. For Armenia, this war - aggressive, occupational. In the early 1990s, taking advantage of the chaos, confusion, anarchy in Azerbaijan, Armenia committed an act of aggression, as a result of which about 20% of the internationally recognized territories of Azerbaijan, including Nagorno-Karabakh and seven other regions of Azerbaijan, were occupied, was ethnic cleansing was carried out among the Azerbaijani population ... We put an end to the occupation with the valor of our weapons and the valor of our sons!

Taking into account the engineering work carried out by the Armenian side in the occupied territories, Armenia was not going to give up a centimeter. All 28 years Armenia has been misleading the world community! .. The negotiation process stopped, my meetings with the OSCE mission essentially demonstrated that the mediators also have no new ideas on how to move the process forward. The Armenian leadership was engaged in illegal settlement of the occupied territories, which is a war crime in accordance with the Geneva Conventions. As for the Prime Minister of Armenia, being in the occupied territories in 2019, he publicly stated that Karabakh is Armenia, period. In response I said that Karabakh is Azerbaijan, and an exclamation mark! "

"Ilham Aliyev spoke easily and confidently, not a single superfluous word, the formulations were accurate and, no doubt, they hit right on target, like Azerbaijani drones against Armenian tanks. Before us was the leader of the Azerbaijani people, which the history of this people probably did not even know. . At least the people are now sure of this, "Kolesnikov writes.

"No one, of course, interrupted him. Everyone, in my opinion, was even very interested," the Kommersant correspondent testifies. “Besides, it was about real action, even about drama, including a military one. And something real at the CIS summits is a rarity, no doubt, extraordinary. "

Kolesnikov also testified that Ilham Aliyev "thanked the Russian President several times in a row, with the help of whom this great victory was recorded. There was a reason ... The Armenian Prime Minister, in turn, could thank him for the fact that the Azerbaijani troops stopped.

A surprise for the Kommersant correspondent was that Ilham Aliyev suddenly rushed to defend Nikol Pashinyan from the wrath of the Armenian people: “The situation in Armenia is very tense now ... I will not comment on anything ... Because the Prime Minister of Armenia does not participate in our meeting ... The only thing: the army that was defeated is not Pashinyan's army. This is the army that Kocharyan and Sargsya created for 20 years! And our cities were not destroyed by Pashinyan's army. He did not give such instructions. There was nothing to destroy ... These people participated in our meetings ... Negotiations were conducted with me for many years ... Pashinyan himself did not manage to create anything. We defeated their army! "

Kolesnikov noted that Aliyev did not trample the vanquished, but shielded him: "Everything is clear with this vanquished ... This is the leader of Armenia that the winner needs ... But, most likely, Ilham Aliyev simply does not want the trilateral agreements to be trampled upon by the new prime minister."

“The rest of what happened at this summit did not matter at all,” the Kommersant correspondent writes.