Moscow Cultural Forum: admission free

Moscow Cultural Forum: admission free

From March 25 to 27 the Moscow Cultural Forum 2016 will be held at the Moscow Manege, which will unite activists of culture, art, business and civil society, as well as heads of Ministries and Departments. Alexander Kibovsky, Minister of Moscow Government, head of the Moscow Department of Culture, explains holding the festival these days in the following way: “We celebrate Cultural Worker Day on March 25th, and we have World Theatre Day on March 27th. In addition, we have the Year of Cinema. Of course, preparing the Moscow Cultural Forum, we decided to hold it this time not in autumn, as it was held before, but exactly on these three days, so to saturate this program not only for those who celebrate these professional holidays, but for all Muscovites.”

Projects on the Year of Cinema will be presented at the forum, as well as the program of key directions of the activity of the Cultural Department in 2016, innovative decisions and practices of cultural facilities of the capital, including those in the IT sphere and professional training.

The Moscow Cultural Forum 2016 is aimed at implementation of cultural facilities into the infrastructure of the capital in 2016 through a modern approach in their work. “We will present an interactive cultural map of the city at this forum, on which you can see everything that is near, say, your home, or a place in which you're interested. Because, in fact, there are interesting observations that often citizens simply are not aware about near their homes, which is not only the urban network of the Department of Culture, but also the federal institutions and other departments, there are many private institutions, some of which in some segments have already occupied an even greater share in the number of organizations than, for example, the public organizations,” Kobovsky says.

An extensive cultural program is assumed at this forum. It will be divided into a business part (for cultural experts) and a festival-educational part (for all guests).

"We have more than 1300 exhibitions, presentations, meetings, workshops and concerts. And every participant makes his own presentation at his place,” Kibovsky promises.

The program includes lectures, workshops of famous cultural and art activists, as well as installations, performances, staged plays and cinemas. There will be meetings with popular directors, actors, cinema workers. Speakers at the forum are Vladimir Pozner, Vladimir Spivakov, Natalia Bondarchuk, Alina Saprykina, Gennady Khazanov, Igor Butman, and others.

Admission to the festival-educational part of the Moscow Cultural Forum 2016 is free.