Moscow and Baku develop humanitarian contacts

Moscow and Baku develop humanitarian contacts

Yesterday the President of Azerbaijan hosted a Russian delegation headed by the Vice Premier Dmitry Rogozin. At the meeting Ilham Aliyev characterized their bilateral relations as strategic and stated that work on increasing Azerbaijani exports to Russia was being provided. At the same time, Dmitry Rogozin reminded that Azerbaijan actively supported Moscow in the period of launching anti-Russian sanctions.

However, along with development of political and economic cooperation, today Moscow and Baku are developing humanitarian ties. The Chief of the Cooperation Department in the field of Education and Science of the Federal Agency for CIS Affairs, Compatriots Living Abroad and International Humanitarian Cooperation (Rossotrudnichestvo), Vadim Cheha, stated that today teaching the Russian language in the Azerbaijani sector of higher education and school education are in the focus of attention. There is also support for methodic workshops in the form of consultations and distributing literature.

Speaking about scientific cooperation, which also involves the higher education sector, Cheha recalled that last year Rossotrudnichestvo held an interesting conference in Ganja dedicated to agrarian science with the participation of representatives of Russia and Azerbaijan.

As for higher education, the volume of the quota that enables Azerbaijani students to study for free in Russian universities through budgetary funds, already includes 200 people.

Cheha says that there are numerous and multifaceted relations between Russian and Azerbaijani universities: “In particular, between Baku State University and Russian partners there is very well-established and effective cooperation, including in coupling some educational programs between the Azerbaijan State Economic University, Khazar University and other universities in Azerbaijan and their Russian partners. It is necessary to note that Azerbaijan opened a branch of Moscow State University and a branch of Moscow Medical University named after Sechenov, it has recently started to operate, and generates quite a significant amount of interest in Russian higher education and in interaction between Azerbaijani partners and Russian partners. The Russian-speaking sector of Azerbaijan, including in the form of the Russian sector in schools, in the universities of Azerbaijan, it develops very intensively, and there are prospects for its further development. Regarding universities, it is network cooperation, a network form of realization of educational programs of Russian and Azerbaijani universities, in which part of the program, for example, is taken by the Azerbaijan university, and the Russian university takes the other part of the program. It is a promising form that deserves to be supported and promoted, as a very effective way of further cooperation.”

Vadim Cheha also notes that a huge segment of Russian language literature exists in Azerbaijan: “Half of the writers of the Writers Union of Azerbaijan write in Russian. And it is in demand in Azerbaijan.”


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