'Muhammad God’s Envoy' to be screened in October cinema

'Muhammad God’s Envoy' to be screened in October cinema

Today the Moscow cinema 'Karo October 11' will show the most expensive film in the history of Iran: 'Muhammad, God’s Envoy'. About 50 million dollars have been invested in the production of this film. Tehran nominated it for an Oscar, but it was not included in the list of nominees.

The film's director, Majid Majidi, said that he realized long ago that the world has wrong information about Islam, and therefore he wanted to make something representing the true Islam. "Unfortunately, the behavior of certain groups, ignorants, who believe themselves to be Islamic, have tarnished his image, tarnished the name of Islam. The so-called Daesh or ISIS that appeared. I am convinced that these groups have nothing to do with religion, Islam, I am convinced that they have stolen, we can say, the name of our religion. The religion of Islam has nothing to do with violence and terror. On the contrary, the Islamic religion is a religion of peace, a religion of kindness, a religion of mercy, it is the one religion that places great emphasis on human dignity. This is a religion that has a special respect for all religions, Christianity, Judaism, great respect," Majidi stated.

According to him, in Iran, the representatives of different religions and different denominations have been living side by side for centuries.

The director said that he worked on 'Muhammad, God’s Envoy' for 7 years. The film involves the work of professionals in the field of technology and film industry from around the world, from America, from Germany, from Italy.

"Unfortunately, in the West we see Islamophobia. The Islamophobia which is now in the West, if they see a Muslim, then they have such an association  either with violence or terrorism, and so on. I was making a film about the Prophet Muhammad, I wanted to open a door to the West, to the Western world. I tried to make every effort to show a drop of the vast ocean of mercy and kindness of our religion, of our Prophet through this film," Majidi said.

This work is the first part of the trilogy 'Life of Prophet Muhammad'. The film, staged in the style of an epic drama, tells the story of the birth and childhood of Prophet. The second part tells about the pre-prophetic mission of Muhammad, and the third – about the prophetic mission.

On the set of the production the film drew criticism due to the fact that it contains images of the Prophet.