Nationalist crimes should be actively discussed

Nationalist crimes should be actively discussed

Initiative of the speaker of Crimea's parliament Vladimir Konstantinov on holding conference against nationalism of Ukraine during the Second World War and modern days was approved by the Public Chamber of Crimea. Its head Gregory Ioffe demanded international community to recognize Ukraine's extreme nationalism as a form of nazism. Experts say that Ukrainian ideology of nationalism has developed for a long time and won't disappear in one day.

Igor Shishkin, deputy director of the CIS Countries Institute, explained that nazism in Ukraine is in the West's interests: "Everyone understands that there's no other force that could terrorize population and keep current regime in power, except for the Banderivtsi. You need dictatorship, you need terror in order to turn Ukraine into anti-Russia, because it's impossible to adopt all these laws, regulations, restrictions on Russian language and cut economic ties through democratic methods. The history of Ukraine shows that anti-Russian forces are losing all elections. Let's not forget this."

Shishkin recalls that Viktor Yushchenko came to power as a result of anti-democratic third round of elections: "Western community announced that Ukraine will hold as many rounds of elections as needed until a decent, honest, democratic candidate wins. In other words, until Yushchenko wins, we will hold more rounds. Is this what you call democratic elections? But at that time regime didn't rely on brute physical strengh, there was no terror. And current regime was brought to power as a result of a coup. It was proposed to hold elections in the autumn of 2014, but nationalists understood that pro-Western anti-Russian forces wouldn't win, so a coup was needed. In order to control population after this coup, they needed well-developed technologies, death squads. And Banderivtsi are acting as these death squads."

He recalled that in 2015, after the reign of terror of punitive battalions in the eastern Ukraine, George Soros said the West should unite to help this new regime in Ukraine, saying that "a new Europe was born in Ukraine." Shishkin belives that it's necessary to actively discuss nationalist crimes, while focusing not only on politicians, but also on the people of Russia, Ukraine and the West.


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