Nice terrorist attack is attack on subconscious of French society

Nice terrorist attack is attack on subconscious of French society

Three more Russian citizens injured during the terrorist attack in Nice were found in hospital, Russian Consul General in Marseilles Sergey Molchanov told RIA Novosti. It is a man who suffered a head injury and his two grandchildren. Another Russian woman is also in hospital. They all became victims of the terrorist attack by a lorry driver that rammed through the crowd of people who gathered at the Promenade des Anglais in Nice to watch fireworks on Bastille Day. The lorry did not stop, it crushed people for nearly two kilometers, killing 84 people.

The driver, Mohamed Bouhlel, was recruited by a member of Daesh (a terrorist group banned in Russia) about two weeks ago, his uncle told Associated Press. The French authorities are not yet confirming this information, urging to wait for the investigation results.

Meanwhile, as the director general of the Center for Political Information, Alexei Mukhin, said in an interview with Vestnik Kavkaza, terrorists obviously took advantage of the relaxed state of the special services after the stressful work during Euro 2016 in France: "Euro 2016 in France was held without a hitch, they managed to neutralize almost all the terrorist threats that could possibly happen. It was the result of an unbelievable effort by the French special services and law enforcement agencies. This horrible tension was followed by relaxation, and terrorists took advantage of it. They organized a large-scale terrorist attack against a symbol of the easy, beautiful life – Nice – using improvised means, so to speak. It can be said that it was an attack on the subconscious of French society, and the terrorists have achieved all of their goals."

According to Mukhin, this event will not affect the relations between Russia and France or the situation in French society: "It's a shock, but this shock will pass after some time. It appears that French leadership must come to certain conclusions. Special services should work more efficiently, and relaxed French nation, which loves beautiful life, should should reach another level of cooperation and mobilization among themselves."