No breakthrough in Russian-US relations is likely

No breakthrough in Russian-US relations is likely

January 20 will mark the one year after Donald Trump's inauguration as 45th US President. Deputy Director of the Institute of US and Canada Studies, member of the Russian International Affairs Council (RIAC) Valery Garbuzov, assessing the results of Trump's first year, noted that the constants of US foreign policy developed over decades after World War II."

"These permanent values, which do not change with the change of the tenant of the White House, are visible today as well. This is an objective reality that was not set by Trump. In general, his presidency can be called a blocked presidency, because the whole story linked to Washington's acceptance of Trump, Trump's relations with the media, with the Congress, with society, suggests that he is a president with tied hands and blocked actions. It's bad for Trump, but basically it is bad for the US Institute of presidential power ... This is a serious weakening of the political tool - the Presidency. And Trump can do nothing here," the expert believes.

Valery Garbuzov noted that we should not expect any breakthrough in Russian-US relations, since no breakthrough is possible without preparation: "Even if any summit takes place, we should not expect any breakthrough in Russian-US relations. The breakthrough was not prepared. They need certain facts to prepare it, so far I do not see any powerful facts that would fundamentally change the Russian-US interaction. The relations will not change globally in the near future, they can change in settling some private issues, specific problems. Mutual interest is immediately blocked by sanctions. It should be understood that any change is solely a result of deliberate methodical work that does not bring immediate results, but there is no other way. "


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