Novruz is effective tool to unite peoples

Novruz is effective tool to unite peoples

Yesterday, the Moscow House of Nationalities hosted a round table dubbed 'Novruz is effective tool to unite peoples'. "It's my 13th tome when I take part in Novruz celebrations and every time I am convinced that this holiday is celebrated mostly by families. I see a lot of children, a lot of young people there. Family traditions are an indispensable attribute of family happiness, Novruz emphasizes this once again. Ethnographer Rudolf Its noted that the history of the people is preserved not only in written data, but in its traditions, clothing, it is preserved in ancient monuments, legends, that is, in the whole complex of culture," the chairman of the Commission on Information Policy of the Council for Nationalities under the Government of Moscow, Jamil Sadykhbekov, said.

According to him, family values are the basis of any culture: "One of the traditions associated with Novruz is the mandatory participation of all family members in the festive dinner. It was believed that if a person is not at home on the day of the holiday, he will live without a home for seven years, can not celebrate it with a family. On this day you cannot sit at a table in a corner, because on this evening souls of the deceased are gathering over there."

Jamil Sadykhbekov called Novruz a holiday of family, cleanliness, kindness: "On Novruz day, the groom's family should send gifts to the bride's house, and the bride's family renders appropriate attention to the groom's house. On holidays, the front doors are not locked. It shows that the whole family is at home and happy to welcome guests. Children run from door to door asking for sweets. Another interesting practice is sticking a belt into a chimney. Now one can do it just outside the city. But before there were stone chimneys in all houses. On one of the festive days young guys who were in love stuck their belts into these chimneys. There was a handkerchief tied at the end of the belt. The girl and her parents understood the hint at once. If they agreed, the handkerchief was untied and tied on the girl's wrist. If they did not agree to engage, then the handkerchief was filled with sweets and dried fruits from the festive table, tied to the belt and returned back."

The mission of Norvuzm according to Sadikhbekov, is the transmission of family traditions, understanding of charity and kindness from generation to generation: "They provide selfless aid to sick, people with disabilities. Novruz is a holiday of peace and harmony, a holiday of harmony in every family. One should forget all his grievances on this holiday. Earlier, wars and quarrels ceased during these days, and peace and harmony were achieved in society."

Khursheda Khamrakulova, head of the Tajik Cultural Center, expressed the opinion that the issue of unity of the multinational people is acute in Russia: "The Russian people are the bearer of a unique civilization that absorbed the cultures of different peoples and fused it all into a large world civilization, which gives the world a sample of positive traditions of unity. For centuries our cultures have enriched each other. In a country where representatives of about 200 nationalities live, should have tools that unite the people. In Soviet times it was the ideology of construction, but the USSR collapsed, and I would not like to return to the situation of the 1990s. Although today we have a lot of "frenemies" who would like Russia to collapse. We must do everything to prevent it ... Our differences are not as important for representatives of all Russian peoples, as what we have in common. This idea was the basis of the Moscow city Novruz celebrations."


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