Pamela Anderson offers help to Russia

Pamela Anderson offers help to Russia

Recently the American actress and a member of the Consultative Council of the International Foundation for Animal Welfare, Pamela Anderson, met the head of the Russian Presidential Administration, Sergey Ivanov, and urged him to forbid hunting white-coat seals and to set free all dolphins and white whales from oceanariums. Meeting journalists, the star of the 1990s spoke as a philosopher: “Our world is becoming more and more complicated, and it is not so easy to distinguish black from white, good from evil. Moreover, the mass of politicians and media serve information in their own way, and sometimes, unfortunately, in their own interests. Decisions that are often made in the interest of the world work in favor of a limited number of people. That is why it becomes more difficult to win the hearts of people around the world, because they are more and more skeptical about what they see. And in a world of polished political leadership, people very severely are lacking leadership which has entirely different roots, namely, inspiration, imagination, a desire for everything beautiful. And the government that in its work will be able to realize these values can win over the hearts of millions of people.”

According to Anderson, “Russia has already demonstrated the existence of many of these values, in particular  courage, creativity, not speaking about imagination in its activity, and thus has already attracted the attention and support of a large number of countries. People seek the truth, want to believe in a brighter future. And the best way to give people this hope will be the behavior of showing compassion and kindness for people, and compassion for animals.”

Anderson urges to leave a world in which leopards and lions and rhinos and elephants, seals and many other animals live in freedom, where all of these various species will exist in harmony, to the future generations.

The animal activist has no doubt that Russia will have enough courage and imagination in order to successfully implement the necessary decisions on preserving the diversity of species: “I hope that Russia will work more actively for the protection of wild animals. I really hope that Russia will take a more active stance in the fight against poaching. Not only will Russians be proud of such a Russia, but also the representatives of other countries, noting that the government in this country adheres to the values ​​of love and caring and compassion. In turn, I will gladly help the relevant people in Russia to implement such a program if they have such a desire. If there is a necessity, I'll be happy to speak, I will participate in different events, programs, will work actively, both in video feeds and blogs. I will try to do everything in my power to put these goals into practice in order to ensure that our descendants will live in a better world.”