Pierre Richard at 'Kosmos'

Pierre Richard at 'Kosmos'

French actor Pierre Richard brought a solo stage play 'Pierre Richard III' about his life to Moscow. Yesterday, the first night took place in the Moscow concert hall ‘Kosmos’. The play is in French, but with simultaneous interpreting. The stage play can be watched at the Kosmos till February 7th.

“The stage play, which I have brought to Russia this time, is the third and the last stage play in the trilogy of Pierre Richard. This is my favorite stage play, because in it I talk about my favorite people, my partners on set, I'm talking about Mireille Darc, Gerard Depardieu. I tell stories that will seem to you, perhaps, absolutely incredible and impossible, but I have a partner – it is the screen. And so, turning to this screen, I'll prove to you that I'm really telling the truth, and that those stories that have happened to me are genuine and true,” the actor says.

According to Richard, to make a movie with Gerard Depardieu is an extreme sport: “You will see it on the screen. You will see how Gerard hits me in the face many times, he shakes me like a pear tree, he almost crushed me with his feet, walking over me for a few minutes.”

Pierre Richard will also speak about film director Gerard Oury who filmed comedies all of his life and who was the most unlucky person in the world; about Mireille Darc and her magnificent mythical dress; and also about himself. “I will tell you about my anxieties, about my worries, about the fact that I really have memory lapses. I'm talking about the time that passes,” the 81-year old actor said.

“The play is closest to me, the most personal for me. And in this play there is not only laughter, there are emotions and a variety of my innermost feelings,” Richard says.


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