Press Review of the Caucasus (January 18-24)

Press Review of the Caucasus (January 18-24)

The newspaper ‘South Ossetia’ reported on the meeting that was held in Tskhinvali with the participation of government members, representatives of the political and scientific circles, and lawyers, who discussed the initiative of President Leonid Tibilov to add the word ‘Alania’ to the name of the republic of South Ossetia.

For the first time the initiative was announced at the final conference on December 29th 2015, at which the president noted the need to meet the challenges of time and avoid the distortion of historical facts by anyone else and proposed restoring the name of the state, reflecting its belonging to the Alan history. The President stressed at the same time that the Ossetians, as a people striving for reunification, must agree on this issue.

South Ossetian Prime Minister Domenti Kulumbegov noted that the idea voiced by the president is long overdue, as the Ossetians are genetic descendants of the Alans. It has found public understanding in the country, and now it is time to take concrete steps in this direction.

During an exchange of views, several variants of names were proposed, each of them had a historically reasoned justification: ‘The Republic of South Ossetia-Alania’, ‘Republic of Alania’ and others. It drew attention to the need to conduct a reasoned dialogue between the representatives of the scientific community on open grounds, in the media, on the ethnicity of the Ossetians, opposing the negative trends gained momentum in distortion.

To work on the issues of promoting the history of the Ossetians it was suggested that a working group under the auspices of the government will consist of philologists, historians, archaeologists and political analysts. The proposals developed as a result of the discussion will be submitted to the country's leadership.

Discussion of the identified issues will be continued, but Kulumbegov stressed that implementation of measures to amend the name of the republic should begin as soon as possible.

* * *

Russian investments in Armenia will continue to be implemented, but they will be monitored more rigidly, with high demands on profitability and returns.  According to the Armenian weekly ‘Business Express’, this was stated by the head of the economics department of the CIS Institute, a leading researcher at the Institute of Economics, Aza Migranyan, responding to a question from an ArmInfo correspondent about the problems of Russian investments in mining and other industries in Armenia during the crisis. Mihranyan said that the credit lines to support the mining companies will be implemented further, but through public-private cooperation. Business must be activated, offering projects for the development of the mining industry with elements of processing. Allocation of credit to support businesses will continue to be determined by the effectiveness and appropriateness of their functioning.

As reported by the publication, with reference to the National Statistical Service of Armenia, the inflow of investments from Russia in January-September 2015 decreased by 63% and amounted to about $30 million. Basically, investments from Russia were aimed at areas such as pharmaceuticals, the energy complex, trade, telecommunications and production of basic metals. Investment in the mining industry of the Russian Federation for the period amounted to 413 thousand dollars, with a sharp decline of 58%. The Armenian mining companies are suffering losses due to the fall in world prices for metal raw materials, due to the slowdown in the Chinese economy. In the coming days, at the request of the Prime Minister, consultations will begin with representatives of seven major mining companies in order to find a way out of the situation.

Mihranyan believes that within the framework of membership in the EAEC, Armenia is in a unique situation due to the isolation of its economy. On the one hand, the isolation of Armenia precludes the possibility of getting all the benefits of integration in full, as the other countries of the Union can afford, but on the other hand, the isolation will allow  the Armenian economy to maintain a certain degree of stability and a greater degree of focus on the facts of the internal process. "The stability of the market performance is due to the fact that today the Armenian products in the context of exports are evenly distributed between the EAEC countries, with a focus on Russia and towards the European market and the United States,"  the expert said.

* * *

Since the beginning of the current school year, about 60% of the educational institutions of Ingushetia, with appropriate material and technical conditions, have moved to specialized education, the newspaper ‘Ingushetia’ reported a government statement. It identified two basic forms of realization of profile training: the intra-profiling model and the model of the network organization. In this regard, networking among schools has been organized, enabling certain subjects to be studied, not only in the schools, where there are more opportunities for this, but also in the professional schools.

Students of secondary schools have opportunities to attend colleges and technical schools, where students are educated in such directions as mechanics, electric welding, junior nursing, clerical, tailoring, chef cooking, seamstress and accounting.


A large-scale charity event ‘Operation Smile’ will be held in Vladikavkaz in April this year, the newspaper ‘North Ossetia’ reports. During the course of a week, from the 2nd to the 8th of April,  children with maxillo-facial abnormalities and deformities from burns will be able to receive free assistance from leading experts.

Preliminary consultations for anyone who needs help will be held from February 12th at the base of the local Republican Clinical Hospital. Experts from Moscow will arrive to examine the future patients, the heads of the public organization ‘Operation Smile’, doctors Olga Kudamanova and Igor Wojciechowski and also the Doctor of the World, the famous plastic surgeon Hassan Baiev, and a microsurgery PhD, a doctor of the highest category, Arkady Aksinenko.

"We accept patients for treatment regardless of their place of residence and registration. The only criterion for us is the ability to operate safely and with the best results. But it depends on many factors: the child's age, overall health status, presence or absence of comorbidities. Usually we perform operations on correcting cleft lips starting from 6 months of age. Children with cleft palates we operate from 12 months old," Igor Wojciechowski said.

To get a consultancy it is necessary to send data, contacts and an application to participate to the e-mail address

All the medical personnel involved in the actions are volunteers, providing free knowledge, professional experience and time to help children. ‘Operation Smile’ exists solely due to donations from individuals and companies. In North Ossetia the partner of the action is the group of companies ‘Bavaria’.

* * *

The potential of family ties is actively used in the struggle against radical ideologies in Ingushetia.

The country has also developed a project of administration of college classes in educational institutions, in which students will have the opportunity to master the disciplines of their chosen profession. Those who wish to continue vocational education will be able to graduate from secondary professional education in a short period.

The ‘Ingushetia’ newspaper reported that the other day in the House of Culture of the settlement of Sunzha there was a meeting of the ancient Ingush clan (teip) Harphoy, uniting, in particular, the representatives of such names as the Matievs and Amirkhanovs. The clans are concerned about the situation related to the activation of recruiters of international terrorism involving a growing number of the local youth in the orbit of their criminal activities. It is not about two or three individuals intoxicated by the ideology of destruction. "Our actions must be proactive," it was announced at the meeting of the clan. The need was highlighted for even greater monitoring and increasing educational and other measures on the part of not only parents, but also the other members of the teip for the younger generation.

The elders noted the importance of monitoring children studying abroad. ‘’It is necessary to follow not only their academic performance, but also to know whom they communicate with outwith their studies and what places they visit. It is necessary to contact all the members of the teip who are successfully working outside the country and have credibility among the youth, so they can be involved in this work," the elders of the Harphoy teip stated.

The rather tense intra-confessional atmosphere that has emerged in the country has not gone unnoticed. "The Ingush peoples have never allowed anyone to disturb their intra-confessional peace and dialogue, it is not permissible for us now to destroy the wisdom of our ancestors. All the troubles and hardships borne by the Ingush peoples, the followers of the different tarikats historically existing in Ingushetia, have gone through it together and with dignity. And today we must reject any force aimed at the destruction of this peace,‘’ the speakers emphasized.


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