Raising pointed lances of rhymes

Raising pointed lances of rhymes

The Russian Federal Agency for Nationalities, together with the 'Children help children' charity fund and with the support of the TV channel RU.TV, has launched an international project for performers aged 13 to 17 - the national musical contest 'At the top of my voice'.

The head of the Russian Federal Agency for Nationalities, Igor Barinov, did not mention the last poem by Vladimir Mayakovsky, speaking about the contest: "The title of the project is 'At the top of my voice', and it's easy to guess that it's about music, songs, and creativity. Last year's project has left a deep impression, and we came up with the idea to scale up this beautiful story with the competition of young people aged 13 to 17. These kids are of different nationalities, and this project caught the interest of the Federal Agency for Nationalities. So this year we came up with an idea of holding a national music television contest 'At the top of my voice. Russia'.

The selection is underway until October 25. On October 29, semifinalists from all 85 constituent entities of the Russian Federation will be determined. On November 1, the jury, consisting of Oleg Gazmanov, Sati Kazanova, Dmitry Malikov, Zara, Stas Pieha and other eminent professional musicians, will announce 12 finalists who will come to Moscow in early November and compete for being the best. The main prize of the 'At the top of my voice' contest's national stage is an opportunity to represent Russia at the 'At the top of my voice to the world' international contest. The final of the national selection will be live on the TV channel RU.TV on November 5. The final will be timed to the Day of National Unity in our country.

Explaining why the Federal Agency for Nationalities acted as a co-organizer, Igor Barinov noted: "It will be the first musical television competition where the performer can sing in his native language. The audience will have the opportunity to get acquainted with the colossal national, cultural, linguistic diversity of our country, which we are proud of.

If speaking about the international stage of this contest, here we have the opportunity to get acquainted with the national culture in the modern processing of the participating countries. "These are mainly countries of the post-Soviet space, but distant foreign countries can subsequently join the competition. These are countries with large enough diaspora of immigrants from the former USSR: Germany, Israel, and even, perhaps, the U.S."

"A very important motivation for the participants not only from Russia but also from other countries is the opportunity to demonstrate the sound of their native language to the whole world at the top of their voice. Our country has a colossal ethno-cultural diversity: representatives of 193 peoples speaking 300 languages and dialects live there. The ability to show the originality and beauty of their native language should motivate the participants," Igor Barinov believes.


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