Rowers on the Krylatskoye channel

Rowers on the Krylatskoye channel

In the period from August 25 to 26 this year on the Krylatskoye rowing channel international competitions in rowing and canoeing for the ‘Cup of the President of the Russian Federation’ will be held for the second time. The event was organized by the All-Russian Federation of Canoe Sprint and the Government of Moscow, the Department of Physical Culture and Sport in Moscow. The program of events in addition to the mandatory 12 Olympic disciplines will include demonstrations by paralympic swimmers, racing on Dragon boats, kanopolo games, and performances by canoe freestyle athletes. Music and dance performances in-between the sport program will create a holiday atmosphere for all of us.

Alexey Vorobyov, Head of the Department of Physical Culture and Sport in Moscow, says that the tournament will be attended by about 250 people from 8 countries, 25 of them are Moscow athletes. “We have up-to-date sports facilities. Russian athletes are finalists of the Russian Championship 2015, and the strongest rowers from Germany, Hungary, Denmark, Portugal, Lithuania, Belarus and Kazakhstan will also come.”

Medical care will be carried out traditionally by the Moscow Scientific and Practical Center of Sports Medicine of the Moscow Health Department. Safety and protection of public order during the event will as traditional be carried out by the Interior Ministry in the city of Moscow and by the Main Department of EMERCOM of Russia in Moscow and, of course, the FSB for the city of Moscow and the Moscow region.

The opening ceremony of our wonderful event will take place on August 25 at 15:00. The closing ceremony of the President's Cup will be held on August 26 at the end of the awarding ceremony. 

Yevgeny Arkhipov, President of the Russian Federation of Canoe Sprint, says that this event is the fifth in a row: “Initially it was planned or mortgaged to hold the ‘President's Cup’ as a competition, which is developing sports infrastructure in the regions, contributes to the promotion of the sport. I think we succeeded. The first ‘President's Cup’ was held in St. Petersburg. They built a good base ‘Arrow’. The second ‘President's Cup’ was held on Krasnodar Territory in the city of Krasnodar, there is a very good base. This is the main base used by the Russian team in preparation for the competition. As you understand, this is a southern region. The third ‘President's Cup’ was held in Kazan, on the eve of the Universiade, a magnificent rowing facility was built there. Within a year there was a small pause. Then, on the eve of the '14 World Cup in rowing and canoeing, the ‘President's Cup’ was held in Moscow.  The channel has been completely renovated for ‘President’s Cup’ and World Championship.”

“There is a little break with tradition: we are holding the ‘President Cup’ for the second time in one place, in Moscow, but the reasons for this decision are clear. Difficult economic conditions, the regions are not always ready and financially cannot afford to hold such an event at a high level. But we hope that this tradition will live on. We were thinking of holding the event in Astrakhan, I talked with the governor. Such thoughts, in general, have been preserved and maybe we'll move with them in time. I also talked to the governor of Altai Territory, there too we may organize the event. Voronezh is a possible site for the event after a full-scale reconstruction of the base is carried out. Maybe some other regions will join. And that is the intention, the idea that the sports infrastructure after the event should be in good condition, it lives,” Arkhipov said.