Russia-USA: pilots show example to politicians

Russia-USA: pilots show example to politicians

On July 17 a unique Russian-American project "Alaska-Siberia 2015" starts. A group of aircraft from World War II, which were delivered from the United States to the Soviet Union under the Lend-Lease agreement, will repeat the historic route of the flight.

"Two years ago, when our delegation was in Seattle, representatives of the American Association of BRAVO-369 approached us with an initiative to hold a flight on the Alaska-Siberia route,’’ the special envoy of the Russian Foreign Ministry, Vladimir Vinokurov says. ‘’Of course, we supported this initiative as we support all other proposals for the benefit of improving mutual understanding between our peoples. This is a reminder that in the most different periods of Russian-American relations there have been many examples of successful cooperation between our countries. One of the brightest pages of the alliance was during World War II. This project is not only a tribute to the pilots, but also a reminder that our two countries can work together to confront the most difficult challenges."

The General Director of 'Russian Aviation Company' Sergey Baranov said that "the project of the historical road trip belongs to the American side. It is a non-profit US-Canadian partnership of aviation enthusiasts who remembered that this was the route they flew over US-Canadian territory. Before, I did not know that in this area the Americans and the Canadians lost 103 pilot ... During the war, the track consisted of two parts, the US-Canadian and Russian."

In America, the route starts in the town of Gray Falls, Montana. "From July 17-18 the first event will be held in Gray Falls. On the US-Canadian site there will be two groups of planes. The first group will stay in the USA, and our two cars will go on through the strait.  We fly over the strait on July 27-28. Joint crews, Russian and American, will fly in our machines. And they go to both sites – to Krasnoyarsk. We have bought the aircraft, prepared the crews. At all stages of the project it has aroused great interest, including among the Americans," Baranov says.

"The summer Alaska-Siberia route is a historical example of how Russians and Americans can work together,’’ the US Ambassador to Russia John Tefft said. ‘’And during the Second World War, many times before and after the two countries worked together to give the world peace and prosperity. That air route and the brave soldiers who participated in the Lend-Lease program, remind us of the courage, dedication and enormous sacrifices of the citizens of our two countries. It was a route of heroes. Heroes who overcame incredible difficulties and dangers. Heroes who worked together and lived in difficult conditions. They were pioneers in the study of the air route, which previously seemed unimaginable. Americans deeply honor the great sacrifices of the Soviet people during World War II. After serving as ambassador to Russia and other former Soviet republics, I began to understand what price this victory was to our countries. Today there are many global challenges that require coordinated action of the same character. Looking at the current tension in our relationship, I believe that Americans and Russians will find areas of cooperation in matters of mutual interest. And initiatives such as this are a good reminder that our countries can work, have worked and will work together."


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