Russian celebrities at ‘Heat’ movie premiere

Russian celebrities at ‘Heat’ movie premiere

The premiere of the ‘Heat’ movie, shot during the eponymous international music festival, which takes place annually in Azerbaijan, was held in Moscow. Filip Kirkorov, Nikolai Baskov, Grigory Leps, Ani Lorak, EMIN, Valeria, Joseph Prigozhin, Timati, Yegor Creed, Lolita, Gluck’oza - and this is not a complete list- played in the movie.

As if compensating for the lack of summer sunny days, producers Emin Agalarov and Timur Jafarov organised a sunshine holiday for the audience. They managed to bring together cinema and show business stars, Russia and Azerbaijan in the film.

The comedy is set in the midst of the ‘Heat-2019’ festival, which regularly takes place in Baku. A young and talented singer, winner of the vocal television contest, Dasha Steklova (played by Dina Pozharskaya) is going to participate in the festival, but does not want to play by the rules of a tough industry and strives for creative freedom. Dasha quarrels with her producer and at the same time her boyfriend and runs away from him to a fabulous city filled with music, the sun, adventures and romantic encounters that will help to fulfill her dream and become truly happy.

As Emin Agalarov said, ”working together with your close friends means to do everything very sincerely and with a feeling of great responsibility. We have invested our hearts, souls and even a little money in this film, which is important. We are very pleased with the result."


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