SCO should become a driver of growth in new fields of economy

SCO should become a driver of growth in new fields of economy

Today, the main part of the meeting of the Council of Heads of Government of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) will be held in Sochi. The meeting will be held for the first time in the G8 format - with the participation of India and Pakistan, which became the members of the association in June. In 2001, when the organization was created, it included Russia, China, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan, this year they have been joined by India and Pakistan. Belarus, Iran, Mongolia and Afghanistan have the status of observers, while Azerbaijan, Armenia, Cambodia, Nepal, Turkey and Sri Lanka -   the status of the partners for dialogue.

On the eve of the Sochi meeting, the secretariat of the Business Council and the SCO Business Club organized the 6th International Forum entitled ‘Moscow Business Dialogue of the SCO’ in Moscow. As the director of the SCO Business Club, Denis Tyurin explained, "This is an open platform, where entrepreneurs mainly from Russia participate. But the other SCO member countries and in general the representatives of different countries, even those that have not yet joined the large SCO family, take part in the meeting. This year, for example, there were representatives from 21 countries, including from the EU countries such as Greece and Latvia. Every time, the result of the activities of this forum is an appeal to the Council of Heads of Government with new ideas from the business society. It's absolutely amazing! Every time very enterprising, energetic people gather at this forum. The outspoken ideas often outpace what ministers and prime ministers discuss. And it's fascinating, because this sets a promising agenda for the organization's activities.’’

As an example, Denis Tyurin cited the use of blockchain technology and crypto-currency in the interstate financial relations: ”Both in Russia and China, and in other SCO countries, the regulatory and legal framework for the regulation of these issues has not been formed yet. One of the recommendations that the forum participants addressed to the Council of Heads of Government was to outrank the harmonization of those legislative initiatives that are being considered in different countries, so that we do not have to coordinate them with our legislation in the future. Already, ahead of time, we need to come up with a single platform, approach and opinion on these issues. "

Tyurin called the discussion of the projects for the use and legislative regulation of unmanned vehicles as interesting: "There are no established developments in legislation. At the same time, one of such important documents, which is already being implemented in the SCO, is an agreement on the simplification of the road transportation. In the context of this most important agreement, if it is linked to such modern technologies as unmanned automobile transport, a huge synergetic effect can be achieved.’’

”The participants of the Moscow Business Dialogue voiced the main idea that the SCO can and should become a kind of development engine, driver of growth in the new fields of economies in the all SCO member countries, a kind of the growth initiator in those business areas that are now in the embryonic state and only beginning to develop, but which secure the future,’’ Tyurin said.


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