Sergey Danielyan on his parents and Baku

Sergey Danielyan on his parents and Baku

Russian producer Sergei Danielyan, known for the films "I Stay", "House", "Five Brides", "Brownie", TV series "The Brothers Karamazov", "Liquidation", "Hero of Our Time", "Apostle", "Doctor Tyrsa" was born in Baku, worked at the Azerbaijanfilm film studio, at the Russian Drama Theater named after Samed Vurgun. Now he lives in Moscow, calls himself a pensioner and publishes posts on the Facebook network. The other day he wanted to talk about the Baku cinema, but "it turned out as always - about everything":

Cinema "Shafag". 7 row, 7 and 8 place. These are the places of my parents in the Shafag cinema. Mom had poor eyesight. Then I calculated everything: her vision, distance to the screen and much more. And so that right at the aisle. So that the overweight mother does not squeeze anywhere. The graceful dad did not care, but he always did what was convenient for mom.

Were these places always free? Well, I came to the box office of the cinema 5 minutes before the opening and there were always places. For so many years I do not even remember that they were not there.

When the parents were young, the geography of visits was unlimited. Both "Nizami" and "Azerbaijan". And even "Friendship". But with age, when there are two children, hard work, you want comfort. What is comfort? This is when the cinema is around the corner! There was always order there - opposite the legendary eighth police station and the regional department. Shantrapa walked around our area a kilometer away. It was quiet.
Session? Well at 20.00. The most comfortable. Mom came home from work at 17.00 and immediately stood at the stove. And dad came at 18.00 and immediately sat down at the table. To each his own. Later, after a little rest, they slowly went to the cinema.

Then I took everything for granted, but then I realized what a feat my mother performed every day. She worked at the NBNZ (New Baku Oil Refinery), got up at 5 in the morning, in any weather, walked to the platform of the Sabunchu station and traveled for half an hour by train, and there she still walked ... And so for 37 years.

It was easier with dad. VNIIPNEFTEMASH Institute in Armenikend. Five or six bus stops. 99 or 116 routes. Dad was a great specialist, but not highly paid, like many engineers. Alas. And my mother earned great money, and we lived mainly on her salary. Years later, I still could not understand one thing: why there were never any conversations and reproaches about who and how much earned. Never once! Even when they fought. It happened that sometimes they wanted to quarrel, which was "like everyone else." But not for long. But there were no reproaches about the salary. With age, I only had one explanation. Love? Probably...

And so they went to the cinema. Music in the lobby. And ice cream, of course. Sundae in waffle cups! 20 kopecks each. Both in summer and winter. Cinema without eating ice cream is ridiculous! Any Baku citizen will tell you this.

It used to be that there was a new film every Monday. Naturally, we went on Mondays. I always knew everything about cinema and followed the process. And only if the film raised questions, then did not recommend it, but this was rare. Even not the coolest movie did not interfere with the buzz from visiting the cinema. And there are acquaintances with whom you can exchange a few words. Celebration!

But one detail did not fit into this picture in any way. They loved to go out after the movies. Walk? When is it 75 meters from our house to the cinema? I measured it myself. It's funny, of course. And then the optimal route was developed. First down Lenin Avenue, after the AZI Institute, to the left. And there to the Ilyich's garden. If the weather is good, we sat on the bench. And back already past the square of the Sabunchu station. Up, home.

Weekend walks were different. The whole family went to the boulevard. But more on that later.

You know, there are images in movies. This is what is strong. We were happy at the time. In my own way. The most powerful image of Happiness of that time from the movie "The Diamond Arm". When Nikulin and Grebeshkova with their children go for a walk on a weekend ... Cafe on the shore. The sun. As I see this scene, I immediately remember my childhood. And our hikes to the boulevard. Maybe all the images of Happiness are similar, eh? There's something about it. Definitely there is. I can't help myself - I wanted to talk about the cinema, but it turned out as always about everything ...


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