Sergey Stepashin on Igor Sergun: "He knew how to fight. And cherished people"

Sergey Stepashin on Igor Sergun: "He knew how to fight. And cherished people"

The Director of the Main Intelligence Directorate of Russia unexpectedly died in Moscow. The country learned about this from a telegram of condolence published on the website of the President Vladimir Putin. I telephoned one of the oldest comrades of General Sergun...

- Sergey Vadimovich, you knew Igor Dmitrievich Sergun?

- Well, in general, of course, I knew him, just like all the heads of this service.

- What can you say about him?

- A brilliant professional. If we talk about the results of Russia's foreign policy, there is a considerable contribution from the GRU. A strong leader.

- Did Colonel-General Sergun also participate in the development of, well, projects and doctrines?

- Of course.

- And as for the main work...

- And the largest part of the most complex operations is, of course, the GRU.

- What kind of operation do you mean?

- I can't tell that.

- Then tell me, please, who was this man by his nature? The condolences of President Vladimir Putin say that he was known as a real military officer, experienced, a competent commander...

- I remember him in the first Chechen War, and a little in the second. At that time there were other directors, and he was, as they say, on the frontlines. He knew how to fight.

- At that time he also worked in this system?

- Of course.

- What do you mean, he knew how to fight?

- He cherished people. Secondly, I believe that the GRU is one of the strongest intelligence services in the world. Not only that – they preserved this structure at the time. Also, I do not know of any mistake made by the GRU, at least in my time [Stepashin was the prime minister, he led the Interior Ministry, the Ministry of Justice and the Lubyanka - Alexander Gamov].

And, of course, General Sergun understood what continuity is. He cherished it. It is very important. I express my condolences to the family and service. Igor Sergun died while at his post...


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