"Something is happening with the globe's climate"

"Something is happening with the globe's climate"

A climate summit organized by UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres is opening in New York. Participants of the meeting should propose their plans to reduce carbon emissions. The World Meteorological Organization claims that the amount of carbon dioxide entering the atmosphere in 2015-2019 increased by 20% compared to the previous “five-year plan”.

As the head of banking section of the All-Russian Public Consumer Organization "Union for Protection of Financial Services' Consumers Rights" Mikhail Belyaev said, "something is happening with the globe's climate, and this is becoming more and more obvious. It's not just that we have become more informationally savvy, not just that we know more about floods, hurricanes, tornadoes, but also that they really have become more frequent and more destructive. They appear where they didn't and couldn't exist before. Climate is changing in polar regions. On the one hand, the Northern Sea Route opens, which promises some prospects, but on the other hand, in Russia, a significant part of the territory is in permafrost, where there is virtually no soil, there's frozen dust. If it suddenly begins to melt, then questions will arise about power lines, pipelines that will just begin to float," Belyaev predicts.

"Sea level rises because of the melting. By the way, paradoxically, it's believed that Holland is the most protected region from this process. The rest of the countries should think and begin to take measures depending on what altitude they are at. Climatologists are still arguing about the causes of warming. Last year, the Nobel Prize was awarded to Americans William Nordhouse and Paul Romer for their work in the field of economic modeling of the relationship between market economies and climate change, who statistically proved  anthropogenic impact on climate change." The model created by scientists combines theories and empirical results from the fields of physics, chemistry and economics, and is used to stimulate joint evolution of the economy and climate, and also serves as a tool for studying effects of interference in climate policy, such as the carbon tax. “Contributions of Paul Romer and William Nordhouse to this field of research are methodological in nature, which gives us fundamental understanding of the causes and consequences of technological innovations and climate change,” the Nobel Committee noted.

Speaking about the southern regions, Mikhail Belyaev said: “We talked about polar regions, but this does not mean that Africa can be at ease. This is also the issue that the UN has to deal with. Africans are worried about achieving some kind of balance and equality, saying that they only account for 4% of emissions, and their impact on climate change is not as serious. But Africa is already full of problems, and one more can be added to them. This will cause migration waves that can reach up to few million. Climate change of at least one or two degrees will lead to resettlement of peoples with all ensuing consequences."


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