Statehood pledged by Prince Vladimir – multi-ethnic and multi-confessional

Statehood pledged by Prince Vladimir – multi-ethnic and multi-confessional

This year, the entire Orthodox world commemorates Prince Vladimir on the occasion of the millennium of his death. Ceremonies dedicated to his memory are being held not only in Russia but also far beyond its borders. At the international scientific conference “Prince Vladimir: Sources of Wisdom, Lessons of Statehood, Principles of Spirituality,” Alexander Beglov, Plenipotentiary Envoy of Russian President in the Central Federal District, expressed a view that the baptism of Rus was the turning point of the whole of Russian history, statehood and our culture.

“Grand Prince Vladimir is known and respected by the citizens of our country as the Baptist of Rus. However, the figure of Grand Prince Vladimir is not only of spiritual, but also of huge nationwide importance. Under the influence of Christianity new rules of social behavior, changed norms of morality and family life began to form. It became the path of enlightenment. Christianity became a powerful unifying force, precisely on this spiritual soil our ancestors recognized themselves as a single Russian people for the first time. Subsequently, this power didn’t just help Russia to go through trials and withstand. At the same time, the old Russian statehood pledged by Prince Vladimir was formed as multi-ethnic and multi-confessional, though based on an Orthodox core,” Beglov thinks.

President of Russia Vladimir Putin adopted a decree on the state level of the celebration, as well as the Holy Patriarch at the churchwide level. “The celebrations in the memory of Prince Vladimir have continued the established constructive dialogue and cooperation between the state, the church and society. In 2014, together we prepared and carried out the celebration of the 700th anniversary of St. Sergius of Radonezh. It was difficult, but effective work in the team. It was a partnership of state, church, society and business for the celebration of important historical events of our country, which creates broad opportunities for solving creative problems in the development of Russia,” the envoy is sure.

Historical sites were restored, objects of cultural heritage were recreated. Large celebrations were held in Sevastopol, in the place where there is an old Chersonesos, where more than a thousand years ago Prince Vladimir was baptized.

“Cohesion, moral values, the pursuit of justice, the ability to defend the country in difficult times, today we believe these national traits are the foundation of our state, and they were laid by Grand Prince Vladimir. And they have helped Russia to go through all the trials and survive more than once,” Beglov states.

According to him, “2015 is marked by the Great Victory, which became another proof of the unity, heroism and valor of our people, who grew up in the Orthodox tradition. Our country has passed through a difficult period of testing its maturity and cohesion, and does so with honor and dignity, because it relies on a thousand years of history, because it draws strength in its roots and traditional values, which were the spiritual foundation of Russia for centuries. The strength of the Russian people is in it. Russians are loyal to the choice of Prince Vladimir, cherish peace and accord in our multinational country, seeking its wellness and prosperity. We must remember that we are the heirs of Prince Vladimir and the unique state, which our ancestors were creating for a thousand years.”



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