Story of Astrakhan settlement receiving Azerbaijani name

Story of Astrakhan settlement receiving Azerbaijani name

Names of prominent Azerbaijanis are honored in Russia: they hold the Muslim Magomaev International Vocalists Contest; there is a park of Russian-Azerbaijani friendship in Volgograd, which is called the Heydar Aliyev park; Surgut Airport was named after Farman Salmanov - Soviet geologist, doctor of geological and mineralogical sciences, who discovered West Siberian oil; and there is Assadulaevo village in the Volga region of the Astrakhan region, which was named after Azerbaijani oil philanthropist Shamsi Asadullayev.

Having started his career in the oil industry as arba driver, Shamsi Asadullayev made an end to this exhausting profession, he was the first among Azerbaijani and Russian oil workers, who purchased his own tanker fleet, after which they began to export oil by barges. He also introduced oil pipelines, Asadullayev was called a "menace to Nobels" because he kept up the pace with the Nobel brothers' oil giant always and everywhere. Wherever they opened their offices and branches - in Russia, Turkestan, Iran, even in Finland - Shamsi Asadullayev's office immediately appeared next to them, selling oil much cheaper and thereby lured away the Swedish company's clients. Eventually, Asadullayev became one of the richest people in Azerbaijan and started the charity. He allocated a large amount of money for the construction of the Baku Real School building (Azerbaijan State University of Economics). Asadullayev, who received practically no education, established two scholarships of his own name at the Alexander Tiflis Teacher Training Institute, which was the largest in the Caucasus. Asadullaev sought to increase the quota allocated to Muslim students. Asadullayev builds a church in Kaluga at his own expense. He presented one of his mansions in Zamoskvorechye to the Moscow Muslim community. A private school for Muslim children was opened in this house, and in 1917, after the death of the benefactor, it hosted the All-Russian Muslim Congress.

Astrakhan also knows well the name of Azerbaijani oil philanthropist. According to researcher Eldar Idrisov, the Caucasus and Mercury Society company's base, later named after him, was located on the village's territory in the 19th century, through which oil products from Baku entered Astrakhan. Assadulaevo village itself is located on the island of Mansur, which was a section of the "official frontier article No. 7 until 1918, lettable by the Astrakhan Department of Agriculture and State Property." Before the revolution, Assadullaevo was not listed as a settlement, but the Shamsi Asadullayev oil pier was located on Mansur Island. Also there was the 'Mazut' company on the territory of the settlement, which included a fuel oil plant, oil wells, reserve parks, moorings, oil tanker fleet. Oil was was transported via wooden barges, but later they were replaced with metal ones.

It was economically unprofitable to transport workers from Astrakhan, and the oil production partnership decided to build residential buildings here. Barrack-type houses were built, where workers could live with their families. After the October Revolution, all the moorings, vessels, tanks were nationalized, and in 1918 Assadulaevo village appeared on the maps, which developed rapidly until 1985, but then the tank farm was closed. Now only in the name of the village reminds of Asadullaev there. However, according to the researcher, now this Volga oasis personifies the friendship of people living in the Caspian region, and it is not by chance that Assadullaevo can be translated as "the place of glorious heroes - lions of God."


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