The way Russia can win World War III

The way Russia can win World War III

In the 20th century, the "Third World War" was called a hypothetical global military conflict, the participants of which would likely be the United States and the Soviet Union. Later that term included the fight against international terrorism, the potential military conflict that could arise because of the use of nuclear weapons by North Korea or Iran, information wars, etc. Meanwhile, the CEO of the Center for Political Information, Alexei Mukhin, says that the Third World War is already under way and has a hybrid character: "Armed conflicts are successfully combined with the impact of economic power. Rebuilding world systems, financial, political, economic, is of a  global character."

According to the expert, the European missile defense systems in addition to their basic functions may be used as a means of radar reconnaissance, "The US sea-based interceptors can strike at ground targets, not only nuclear, but also tactical. And the formation of the image of the enemy in the face of Russia for Europe, formed in order to accommodate other, conventional weapons in Europe, and to do so without any control. Europe is one of the regions where the US deploys its own system, but there is the Pacific, where Japan and South Korea are bases for the United States of America."

According to Mukhin, the United States has calculated 12 targets on the territory of Russia, by hitting which they expect to bring down the military potential of the Russian Federation. In turn, the military potential of Russia is ready to deliver an aircraft nuclear strike, which is stunning by means of an electromagnetic pulse, make blind, and eventually, perhaps, will destroy the military potential of the United States in particular and NATO in general.

Fortunatelly, hybrid warfare involves not only a military outcome of events, but also a peaceful one as well. Russia, taking into account the latest revision of the military doctrine, has drawn attention to the conduct of the war, not only in the form of armed conflict, but also by the creation of regional associations of different orientations – economic, political – aimed at predicting, preventing proliferation of armed conflicts. "After all, the hybrid war involves control of a personality and management of the company with the help of the notorious color revolutions, by other means of influence. Recent initiatives of Russia, China and India are the bone in the throat of the engineers who develop these tactical moves for a hybrid war," Mukhin said.

At the same time, he urged not to be afraid of the word "war", citing the fact that while it has the character of an acute economic opposition, expressed in particular in the sector of anti-Russian sanctions. It is important what the response of Moscow will be.

There are two ideological responses to this challenge.

The first is the liberal project ‘Russian Corporation’, we pretend that Russia is a part of the world community, it is no different from other countries, and the system of ‘friend or foe’ goes under the category of 'friend’. But it has not worked. As it turned out in the last year, there is one member country of the WTO, the United States, which can impose illegal economic sanctions against another WTO member country, Russia.

The second is the concept of ‘Fortress Russia’. Patriotic statesmen suggest that this is a model that will help Russia to survive in this difficult world.

"I would still compile. We should develop and take into account the interests of our partners, who appeared in the last time, and I mean not only China, but also India and other countries, including Japan and South Korea. There should be the tactics and strategy of semantic fusion. If China wants to build a new Silk Road, we can combine this project with our Eurasian Economic Union. If it wants to develop trade and economic relations in a certain way, we have to go to a meeting, but to take into account their interests, and to diversify the risks that arise in connection with this. Do not step on the same rake constantly. And then, if Russia behaves in such a centric way, no missile defense system will not be able to limit our development or break the economy in pieces," Mukhin said.


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