Trump is society's response to inactivity of establishment

Trump is society's response to inactivity of establishment

So far US intelligence has failed to find confirmation of Donald Trump's election campaign ties with Russia, CBS reported. Right now investigators are looking into whether his supporters shared secret information with Moscow, including trade information, and whether laws were violated. However, more than 51% of Americans believe that Moscow intervened in the US presidential elections, according to survey conducted by NBC and Wall Street Journal. At the same time, 36% of respondents believe that Russia didn't intervene in the election process. Meanwhile, according to Gallup, only 44% of Americans approved the way Trump's transition period as president-elect went. 

Either way, as first vice-rector for International Cooperation and. External Communications of Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation, CEO of the National Energy Security Fund Konstantin Simonov thinks, the emergence of Trump is what the United States needed in terms of domestic policy, otherwise the percentage of those dissatisfied with it would go even higher. "Trump represents the possibility of just and fair choice of what seems to be a significant part of Americans. Another thing is that elites that dominated the US in recent years are unhappy. But the emergence of Trump represents a serious safety margin of the American system. If elites that ruled the country for the past several years didn't bring it to where it is right now there would be no Trump. I saw materials that were distributed before the Davos forum: eight people in the world have wealth equal to what half of humanity has; 5% of the population has 75% of global wealth. It's clear that it's not completely accurate, but it's also obvious that the elites have become even richer over the past decade, while the poor remained poor, and no fairy tales could change this," he said.

According to him, Brexit also became a manifestation of the fact that people are dissatisfied with injustice: "It's not just about Trump, Brexit is also part of this trend, just like elections in Europe. Everything went too far, so it was impossible to prevent these events."

The director of the Center for Political Information, Alexei Mukhin, believes that American society is going to view Trump's first steps negatively: "Expansionism was considered to be a good driver for the United States to continue to take first positions not only in politics, but also in economics. So attempts to shift the focus to domestic issues are at odds with interests formulated by the establishment. The crisis of 2008 still exists, but powers that should have resolved it or at least neutralize it aren't doing anything. Trump is society's response to inactivity of American establishment. The US aggression returns to the source of its origin. That's why after Maidan in Ukraine we are witnessing some kind of Maidan in the United States, and before that we saw Brexit in the UK. We can clearly identify the source of global instability."

According to Mukhin, stubbornness of world elite or Western establishment has resulted in the fact that people are talking about the change of global economic and political architecture and about the fact that the system established after the Second World War is not working more and more often. "Global architecture usually changes after global war. Are we ready for global war? Or we should limit ourselves to trade wars, hybrid warfare, and work on the formation of a new world architecture after that. Is there a need for huge global war? Establishment of not only the US and the UK, but also world elites, including Russia, China and so on must take the responsibility for this decision. If we won't form a fairer system for distribution of resources, finances and other things, then we have to reset everything using global war," the expert believes.


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