Uncle Xi visiting Putin

Uncle Xi visiting Putin

14 applications will be adopted at the summit of the SCO and BRICS being held in Ufa on July 8-10. It will be a strategy for economic partnership of the BRICS countries to 2020, the leaders will consider the "road map" of trade and economic investment cooperation prepared by Russia and consisting of fifty joint business projects in energy, mining, manufacturing, engineering, agriculture and transport.

Yesterday, at a meeting with Chinese President Xi Jinping on the sidelines of the BRICS summit, Russian President Vladimir Putin said: "We are well aware of the difficulties that we face in the economy and in international politics, but with united efforts we will surely overcome all the problems facing us, will solve all the problems and challenges facing us."

Beijing agrees with Putin. A Chinese animated cartoon "Going to the SCO and BRICS summits together with Xi Jinping" has been already viewed by more than a million Internet users. The video is set in the format of a press conference, during which answers are provided to the most popular questions from Internet users.

Hello dear friends! Uncle Xi will soon travel to Ufa to the SCO and BRICS summits. This has attracted the attention of the whole world. My name is Hae Jin – a combination of the Chinese name of the SCO and BRICS. I am leading the Internet briefing on these summits. You can ask any critical questions, but whether to answer them or not is my decision.

- What are the SCO and BRICS summits?

- The SCO is a platform of constant exchanges and cooperation for the six neighbors, and the BRICS is a platform for the joint development of the five countries with emerging markets. Among international organizations, they are considered to be young. However, they enjoy considerable influence.

- Why have the two summits opened almost simultaneously?

- The leaders of all the countries are terribly busy. And both organizations are  chaired by Russia this year, and two of them makes double fun. All the sides are set to meet for the constant search for new growth points in cooperation. So this is not accidental.

- Among the participants there is no developed country. What is the impact of these organizations?

- The SCO and the BRICS countries  cover together a third of the globe. Their GDP is 16 trillion and 1/5 of the global economy. These countries have more than 3 billion people, accounting for half of the world's population. It's a huge market potential! Isn't that an impact?

- Isn't the combination of two powerful organizations a threat to the world order?

- I can responsibly say that this is idle speculation. We stand for non-aligned partnership dialogue instead of confrontation, with common development and prosperity, in contrast to those who see the Earth as a smallholding, putting themselves in the place of another parent and loving showing their muscles off in front of others.

- The leaders are meeting again and again, what is interesting in that?

- If they did not meet so often, they would not be so close. They discuss  partnerships, make treaties, strengthen confidence. Lots of interesting things! Uncle Xi was in Russia only two months ago. The rapprochement between China and Russia provokes praise and attacks. Different approaches, different reactions. The mentality of the Cold War should have been left behind a long ago. The neighbors, the two leaders, often meet, talk and share thoughts – there's nothing wrong in that for either of the two states, nor for the region, nor for the world.


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