Viktor Sadovnichy: "It's big deal that Moscow State University opens branches in CIS countries"

Viktor Sadovnichy: "It's big deal that Moscow State University opens branches in CIS countries"

The first results of the admissions campaign are being summed up in Russia. Yesterday, the results were announced by the rector of Moscow State University, the president of the Russian Union of Rectors, academician Viktor Sadovnichy. According to him, this year 31,821 applications were submitted to Moscow State University - it's more than last year. "The leader is the Faculty of Mechanics and Mathematics: almost 4 thousand applications with 400 people being enrolled. Economists are still in good demand - about 3 thousand applications. 2,078 applications were submitted to the Faculty of Physics. The guys want to get a fundamental education in computer science, mathematics, physics, theoretical physics, chemistry and biology. These specialties guarantee them a good job and a good future. MSU is one of the largest universities not only in Russia but also in the world. About 10 thousand are enrolled in one our course."

As for the targeted admission, it was organised according to the new rules. "Now contract students must bring an application and a contract signed by two parties: the applicant and the company hiring this student where the graduate will work for three years after graduation. We check all the documents and sign as a third party that we undertake to educate him. The party that signed the guarantee pays or helps pay the student's studies. This year we had approximately 800 contract places: 405 undergraduate students and about the same number of graduate students," Sadovnichy said.

"The special quota is for children with limited physical abilities and orphans. We have a quote of 412 students, but 588 applications were submitted. The number of winners and prize-winners of the Olympiads is impressive. 3044 children are prize-winners of various Olympiads: All-Russian Olympiads - 300, International Olympiads - 7. By the way, geographers won at the international Olympiad and everyone came to us as students," the rector of Moscow State University said.

The MSU currently has five branches in the CIS countries: Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Armenia and Azerbaijan. “When the idea was developed to create branches, that is, legal structures in these countries, I asked the presidents of these countries: a) build a building, b) provide finance for teachers, c) provide students from their countries with the opportunity to study free of charge. All three conditions were met. The students of the branches are taught by our professors sent there. It’s a big deal that the Moscow State University has maintained this area of work with our neighbors. This year we are creating another branch - in Kyrgyzstan," Viktor Sadovnichy noted.