Vladimir Dzhabarov: Putin’s visit to Israel will give signal to the world that rewriting history won't succeed

Vladimir Dzhabarov: Putin’s visit to Israel will give signal to the world that rewriting history won't succeed

On January 23, Russian President Vladimir Putin is scheduled to visit Israel. Bilateral and international agenda will be discussed during meetings with the Israeli leadership. In addition, on the eve of the next anniversary of the siege of Leningrad and Holocaust Remembrance Day (January 27), Putin will take part in the opening of the memorial dedicated to defenders of the hero-city “Candle of Remembrance” and in events dedicated to the 75th anniversary of liberation of Auschwitz-Birkenau camp by the Red Army in Poland.

First Deputy Head of the International Committee of the Federation Council Vladimir Dzhabarov called Putin’s regular meetings with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu a good tradition. “Of course, a series of other issues will be raised during this trip, but the main issue that will be discussed during this visit is preparation for the 75th anniversary of Victory in the Great Patriotic War. We have some disagreements, but they naturally exist in our relations, so we have complete solidarity with Israel in this matter," Dzhabarov said.

He said that several years ago, Vladimir Putin opened a memorial complex in the Israeli city of Netanya dedicated to the feat of the Red Army soldiers who defeated Nazism: "This was the only foreign country that built and unveiled the Red Army monument in the post-war period. That is, not to the victims of the war, but to soldiers of the Red Army, who liberated the world from fascism. Netanya Municipality allocated a great place in the city - on top of a small mountain above the Mediterranean Sea. Hotels, business and trade centers are usually built in places like that. When the delegation of the Federation Council, headed by Valentina Matvienko, paid a visit to this country, in violation of the international protocol, delegation didn't held the first meeting with the head of Knesset Joel Edelstein at the Knesset, but near this very monument. Former Soviet citizens who once immigrated to Israel gathered there, and they were amazed by how great Israel treats soldiers of the Red Army and everything related to the victory over Nazi Germany in general."

Vladimir Dzhabarov also said: “At all meetings, our Israeli partners emphasize:“ while we exist, we are always with you to prevent a review of the results of World War II. ”This is worth a lot against the background of what the world is trying to revise the results of World War II, to make the Soviet Union also the culprit of this terrible event ... It is difficult to argue with open documents, facts, to make sure who eventually started the war and who contributed to the war being unleashed primarily against the Soviet Union. our president said: “Let them say that they want, but the truth is true.” I think this visit, which will take place on January 23, is very important, because it will once again give a signal to the whole world that no one is forgotten, nothing is forgotten, and rewrite history will not succeed. "


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