'Volkhov Front: Chudovo': search expedition

'Volkhov Front: Chudovo': search expedition

The international military-historical expedition 'Volkhov Front. Chudovo' will be held on August 10-24 at the Great Patriotic War's battlefields. It will be he;d within the large-scale interstate project titled The International Forum of Winners' The Great Victory, obtained by unity'. The co-organizers of the project are the North-South Political Science Center and the Development Fund 'Institute of Eurasian Studies' with the support of the CIS Interstate Humanitarian Cooperation Fund.

Executive secretary of the Search Movement of Russia Elena Tsunaeva said that this year a  search expedition will gather participants from different countries. "I represent an organization which has 82 regional offices. We have about 1400 search teams, many remarkable projects. We started this project, because the search and identifying of soldiers lead us to different states and republics. The 'Volkhov Front' is not just an expedition. It is also a training program for beginner searchers ... Within the expedition we will carry out the 'Road to the Obelisk' project - military burial grounds will be certified. We will  hold a roundtable discussion with our colleagues to exchange experience and coordinate identification efforts. But the most important activity, of course, is our joint work on the battlefields, which will be carried out by experienced searchers, which will be joined by the youth later. Following the results of the expedition, a ceremony of solemn burial will take place in the village of Spasskaya Polist. Our large camp titled 'Volkhov Front. Chudovo' will be based near this village.

Elena Tsunayeva also said that the conference 'Destiny of a Soldier' will be held in November: "Last year at such a conference we agreed to work more closely together. The conference unites historians, searchers, archivists. Last year it was attended by representatives from 11 countries. The most important outcome of the conference is the exchange of methods and practices, how to identify a soldier. As there are still many secrets, many intricate stories, it is difficult to work with archival documents. In order not to reinvent what has already been invented by our colleagues, we will hold this conference."

The large-scale Interstate project International Forum 'Great Victory Forged by Unity' is held since 2010.


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