WHO praises Turkey

WHO praises Turkey

Turkey, which spent $6 billion on humanitarian relief last year and currently hosts approximately three million Syrian refugees, has been praised by the World Health Organization (WHO) for its charitable efforts, especially in the field of health. Daily Sabah reports in its article WHO praises Turkey for Syrian refugee health care integration program that WHO evaluated the situation of Syrian refugees who were doctors, nurses and midwives in Turkey in its report published on June 20 World Refugee Day. The report stated that Turkey had given authorization certificates to more than 380 doctors and 360 nurses and midwives in cooperation with its Ministry of Health since November 2016.

WHO and the Turkish Ministry of Health have collaborated to provide training and support for Syrian healthcare workers through a seven-week program. After being approved by the Ministry of Health, Syrians receive one week of classroom training under the supervision of university professors, followed by six weeks of hands-on training in a Refugee Health Center. Upon completion of the training, the Syrian health workers receive vocational competence certificates, allowing them to serve refugee populations within Turkey. Graduates of the training program will go on to staff the 260 refugee health centers and 600 refugee health units that have been established or will soon open in the country. The centers and units offer primary health care and provide services to Syrian refugees free of charge.

WHO Representative to Turkey Pavel Ursu praised the Turkish government for the training initiative. "We appreciate that the Government of Turkey, the Ministry of Health and Turkish health staff ensure equitable access to health services," Ursu said, adding that Turkey is the only example of this kind in this respect. Ursu added that the trainings were concrete ways to address language barriers and also a good example of collaboration between national and international business partners to help the refugee community by ensuring the integration of Syrian health care workers.