What you can and can't do in Chechnya

What you can and can't do in Chechnya

Travel agents and tour operators create memos for Russian citizens planning to travel abroad for tourist purposes that show not only the characteristics of a country, its sights, but also rules of behaving yourself. Sometimes such memos are issued by the Foreign Ministry. For example, prior to the 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil, taking into account specifics of the country, including criminal situation, the Russian Foreign Ministry prepared a detailed memo for Russian tourists planning to visit Brazil during the Championship, and strongly recommended to read it prior to the trip.

Recently, a memo "How to Dress and How to Behave for Tourists in the Region" was released in Chechnya. It seems kinda strange considering the fact that we're one country. But, above all, this memo was compiled not only for Russians, but also for foreign tourists, and the number of those is growing with each passing year. As for Russians, this memo was made so that they would feel more comfortable visiting Chechnya, Russians from other regions should also pay more attention to this unique land and mentality of the people living here. For example, travel company Nohcho Travel, strongly recommends to refrain from talking about the last two Chechen wars.

How to greet people

Shaking hands or hugging when meeting with women is unacceptable. You can only greet them by saying hello. Touching Chechen women is considered to be an insult; any flirting and indecent signs of attention are strictly condemned. In order to avoid misunderstanding it would be best to refrain from excessive attention. If tourists - be it couples or lovers - are in crowded places, it's recommended to refrain from kisses and close contact - Chechen mentality doesn't welcome manifestation of feelings and emotions, even when it comes to loved ones.

How to dress

Chechnya is quite democratic in terms of clothing: you can meet people dressed both in accordance with the canons of Islam, and dressed in a "fashionable, stylish, youth-like" way. However, it's not recommended for women to wear short skirts, deep necklines, shorts and things that show bare shoulders; it's better to wear a scarf. As for trousers and jeans, it's better to wear them to the mountains. Men don’t wear shorts and T-shirts, but can wear trousers, jeans and shirts with sleeves of any length.

How to give up bad habits

Alcohol is being sold in some supermarket chains from 08AM to 10AM. Вrinking alcohol and being drunk in public places, even if the bottle is hidden in a bag, is prohibited. Tourists may be forced to pay a fine or be imprisoned for 15 days, and then forced out of the Chechen Republic. Women don't smoke in Chechnya. If you're unable to supress your addictions, then find a place where no one will see you. Men are allowed to smoke, but when you see elderly, it's better to hide cigarette behind your back. It would be even better to completely obstain from smoking during your trip to Chechnya.