Why Jews and Azerbaijanis understand each other well

Why Jews and Azerbaijanis understand each other well

The Israeli people are true friends of Azerbaijan. The Jews shared joy and sorrow with the Azerbaijanis, they were there both on holidays and on difficult days. Israel provided Azerbaijan with the most modern weapons, was and remains one of the main allies. Jews, along with other allies of Baku, rejoiced at the liberation of the territories of Azerbaijan, organized holidays in the cities of the Promised Land. Jews, together with Russians, Lezghins, Talysh and the entire Azerbaijani people, fought against the ultranationalists.

These people have an amazing capacity for compassion, because they themselves have suffered for many years. Jews are a noble and grateful people, and they thank them without noise, without shouting, without self-promotion. Even those Jews who left Azerbaijan in their time remain patriots of both Israel and Azerbaijan in the Holy Land - they have two houses. Israel shares everything that it has with Azerbaijan. And this process is reciprocal. Many Jews have two countries, two homelands, given by God. The union of Israel and Azerbaijan strengthens both countries. For many years Jews said: "See you in Jerusalem!", And Azerbaijanis for 28 years: "See you in Shusha!" Today the dreams of both peoples have come true. And there is no doubt that it is friendship, peace and cooperation that will lead to the prosperity of the region.

Israel created a paradise in the desert. Today, gardens and parks adorn the once deserted territories. The state, formed in 1948, now has a developed medicine, agriculture, pharmacology, a powerful army, and produces ultra-modern weapons. 20% of Israel's population are Arabs, living in peace and harmony with Jews. The standard of living and social benefits for the population are much higher here than in some Arab countries. All Israeli citizens, regardless of nationality, are equal before the law. This is a self-sufficient and developed state in all spheres.

Jews understand Azerbaijanis so well because they are in the same spiritual space with them. This is clearly heard in the song "Shema Israel" performed by the young Uziya Tsadok, in which the cry of a child's soul is heard: "There are tears in my eyes, my heart is crying quietly."


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